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All Change As Activity Levels Surge Throughout CTP Teams

All Change As Activity Levels Surge Throughout CTP Teams

The activity within all sections of CTP Teams continues to be really impressive.

In fact, as I was looking at the league tables a few moments ago I could only find five teams who were in the same position as they were at the end of last week.

The biggest change is for Emporia Systems which has risen 14 places from 53 last week to 39th place right now and Team Mavericks is not far behind with a 12 point leap from 55th to 43rd place.

The most common shift this week is a jump up of four places and the most common downwards move is by three places.

The thing that really leaps out at me is that, certainly for the vast majority of teams within the Competitive League, relatively modest levels of increased team activity can have a dramatic impact on the overall standings.

I think this is a very important thing to keep in mind as we prepare for the start of Season Three…regular team activity can have a massive positive impact on team league positions.

One person trying to earn points for eight hours a day will make a difference and could certainly make a really significant difference.

However an entire team putting in just one hour every day, especially when working on an overall team strategy, could see seismic shifts in team fortunes.

It is certainly something to think about, and plan for, as we look forward to Season Three.

However, back in the here and now, Season Two is still going very strongly indeed.

CTP Teams Premier League mid table S2 W8 D5

The biggest battle going on right now is for fifth, sixth and seventh place where hardly anything at all separates Dream Team, Beginners and Winners and Renegades.

Interestingly the top two of those teams were not even in the Premier League last week so they really have it all to play for.

Right now Ubers are first with a sizeable lead over the Alphas and Lucky 13 are third. If I was a betting man, that is how I would predict the top three teams to remain on Sunday night…however CTP Teams is far from predictable so I won’t be placing any bets.

As Week 8 now enters its final stage it only remains for me to say…good luck everyone and have fun.

5 responses to “All Change As Activity Levels Surge Throughout CTP Teams”

  1. Let’s make a bet lol
    Yes great to see the activity across the board

  2. upwards and onwards, or is that onwards and upwards

  3. Karen says:

    Wealthbuilders are up into 6th way to go team and well done everyone in all the teams great battle this season and as we are nearing the end it’s only getting closer šŸ˜€

  4. Raj G says:

    Healthy Fight all the way…!!!

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