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What Do Badges Really Accomplish?

What Do Badges Really Accomplish?

CTP badges

I love reading the comments on this blog, especially as they cover a diverse range of views, opinions and points of view on subjects which are dear to all our hearts.

One comment which really caught my eye recently was this:

“The costs are heaping up and a newbie is learning.
“I spent tons and earn very little. What does badges really accomplish? Thanks.”

It was left on the Time To Reward Surfers With Our Biggest Ever XP Badges Yet post and is a question which crops up from time to time.

As I write this post 23,384,821 CTP badges have been claimed in the four years since the program was launched…that’s right more than 23 million badges have been claimed by CTP members to date.

From this we can infer that people really like collecting CTP badges so badges help keep up activity across the growing number of platforms which offer them.

Those who buy badges from us, including traffic exchange and other program owners, report that the investment more than pays for itself…so badges help generate income and activity across the community.

Badges have also helped bloggers, list builders, affiliate marketers, online newbies and many more diverse groups of people help achieve their online goals.

Just take a look at the huge demand for badges each time we have a special badge hunt promotion where people buy badges and leverage them to generate interest in what they are promoting.

Badges are also fun to collect and having fun is an important, but sadly all to easily forgotten, part of business. The reasoning behind this is that if you are not enjoying your online (or offline) work then you will not get the most out of it.

So, in short, badges help accomplish a lot more than you may first think. In fact, when they were first launched with CTP four years ago we did not even see how big they would become. And as for four years from now…well that is anyone’s guess.


19 responses to “What Do Badges Really Accomplish?”

  1. Evelyn Kramer says:

    I have given this a lot of thought. Why are badges better than stickers, or icons, or even money? I think it’s because of this huge CTP community that TimTech has created. It’s because they are personal. Created for a person, or specific program.

    Look at the genius of Robert Arnold at TERL. People surf every day to get a specific car badge for that week’s sponsor. I was freaked cause I missed my target surf one day when he ran my program and didn’t get my own badge!
    I’m running the promotion again! I want my own car. They are not given. They are earned. It’s a sense of accomplishment, and pride I suppose. I am proud of my CTP profile.

    TimTech keeps the game fresh by adding things like XP and the Kingship, Pioneer elements and tomorrow something else…
    Brilliant. Can’t help myself. I’m a FAN!

    • Jon Olson says:

      ^^^^^ And that’s why we love this business! People like Evelyn, this community and the folks that keep seeing the bigger picture.

      I have said it multiple times in TE Live over the years, the real wealth is the journey…What’s so cool is that you start seeing results when you aren’t looking for it.

      I starting making all the sales in the world, when I stopped ‘trying to sell’.

      Put people first, the community….Good things will happen.

      That’s what badges are for. Community and so much more.

    • Patsy jPayne - konnektions konsultant says:

      Hi Evelyn
      Right ON!!! Badges are EARNED… WE get a sense of accomplishment
      And Golden Eggs …
      Badges are integral to the team system

  2. James Bain says:

    Unless the badges have XP given or potential later, I skip them. I used to collect them but now they just slow me down when clicking if they are not beneficial.

  3. I have been running CTP badges on my sites since they were first introduced. They have always, and still do draw people in to collect them. That is an advantage for members of my Traffic Exchanges who are advertising, as it helps to put more eyes on their ads.

    Even though they have an actual function, they are just plain fun. I have a ton of badges that are exclusive to my site that a lot of members enjoy collecting, and I enjoy setting up games to give them away.

    So what do badges really accomplish, they are fun, they can make surfing a lot less tedious, and they draw fresher eyes to my member’s advertisements.

    • Jon Olson says:

      Thank you sir, so awesome to have you on our team since day one. You have been a champion of our vision and I dont think we can ever thank you enough.

  4. Jon says:

    Well I just like ’em. That is all 🙂

  5. I love badges it engages, and motivates, I like having them on my site, because, Duuh, why wouldn’t you, and I enjoy collecting them when I can just because we are hunters and gatherers and it is in our nature

  6. Sig says:

    Collecting them is way cool…maybe not got most of all, but over the years i got some…and I can use William as sample, he got many…thats cool. And a cool maybe best part he hidden some of them around…not to hard to find, but its yet an other way to use the,,, and it allso make people look more into the site.

    Call me a Nerd or what ever… I like the badge thing, and for many I do believe that is a BIG motivation to move on… and its allways funny to find some new ones…

    And for teamsurf its a goodies to Rise Flags, and imagen the cool benefit if be the PIONEER! That is allso fun!!

    Well gotta run..got a grandson to take care of when i wake up…then dinner and relax, then back on CTP to “mess and clowing” around.

    Keep going Timtech, and if it gets to boring,, I can allways find some ways to cry 🙂


    OWNER of SLH!

  7. Glenn Witmer says:

    Not to mention the bragging rights

  8. Karen Kuty says:

    Badges are great motivators and traffic-getters for TE owners, but for surfers, they show engagement on the CTP site.

    If you are looking for friends or someone with whom to do other business with, are you going to choose someone who is working all of the resources of CTP or someone who isn’t?

    And they’re fun…

    Just my thoughts…

  9. Badges are awesome and a good way to leverage CTP (together with the promo’s) to build your own program.

    WTG TimTech, thanks for being a game changer in the industry 🙂

  10. Tom Wacker says:

    When I first came to CTP, I knew right away that I liked it. I immediately set about trying to get my self known, or showing off…I fell upon badges, and decided I would be the biggest badge collector that CTP had ever seen. I set goals for myself and just knew it wouldn’t be too long, maybe a year at the outside.

    Then I started running into names like Locatelli and Arnold and Cook and Whittle and Balashova and found out what my paltry badge collection skills really were in the big picture. Not much. Not on that scale.

    I still really like them, and I take great pleasure in collecting. Guess what? I still keep those original badge goals every single day.

    Now if you would just close the game to everybody but me, sometime about 2018 I should make it into the top 25 collectors….

  11. Marye says:

    Badges are definitely addictive – and I totally agree with Evelyn — it really does have a lot to do with not only the XP but also with the community that congregates on the sites while searching for badges…the stickers and such do have a loosely formed community but no “plan” like the DC’s or the Games offered here that have us doing the same thing and therefore, allowing us to meet and establish friendships within the community ….

  12. Andrew Stark says:

    When I surf I set myself a target based on the badge, and it’s normally based on the daily challenge. I also buy my advertising based on which sites have badges as I want to leverage the CTP brand and get most of their substantial 6 figure membership onto my list.


  13. Raj G says:

    It’s a charm; it’s an addiction… lol

  14. When I joined CTP years ago I never knew why I should collect badges, but it is like a milestone to me, marking my journey along the way. It is fun, and I actually get disappointed when I accidentally surf past one. I had a bad habit of doing this with Thumbvu and am only now getting used to seeing them in the chat, as I am also now more in tune with what is happening there as I am connecting more with the community.
    Sites that don’t have badges are a bit boring, just saying.

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