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Time To Reward Surfers With Our Biggest Ever XP Badges Yet

Time To Reward Surfers With Our Biggest Ever XP Badges Yet

Sometimes the time is right to do things really big…and this is just one of those times.

Recently we have rewarded our awesome customers for being so awesome so now it is about time we rewarded the awesomeness of our super surfers too.

Each of the TimTech traffic exchanges are unique in their own ways and I am sure everyone has their particular favorite or favorites.

While they are unique they all have many things in common…and today they have one more thing in common that you won’t find anywhere else in the traffic exchange community.

In fact you could search all over the known TE universe and never find the super new, totally awesome sauce, exclusive to TimTech…new Loyalty Reward Badges.

These badges are to reward you our loyal members who surf day in and day out and are the backbone of our community. They come with mega amounts of XP and we can’t wait for you to find them…as many already have.

They are so special that they even come with their own cool splash page…

New TImTech CTP XP Loyalty Badges for TimTech TEs

So there are now 100,000 XP badges at ILoveHits, ThumbVu and StartXchange and our biggest ever XP badge at Sweeva…500,000XP. Yes half a million XP for just one badge.

If you want to get them then you will have to surf more than 1,000 pages in order to do so…that way we reward the people surf the most…and because it will take longer to get through that many pages at Sweeva, that is why the XP is so high there. We wanted to really reward that level of commitment.

Exactly how many pages after 1,000 to find the badges will vary…but they are there and they are being claimed already.

Happy hunting and thank you for being such awesome surfers.

P.S. Special credit to Ole Rasmussen from SurfAholics Alpha who sparked this change. Ole was chatting to Jon and the discussion centered around how we could make the surfing experience better for our most loyal traffic exchange users.

As a result we now have new Loyalty Reward Badges. Thank you Ole.




22 responses to “Time To Reward Surfers With Our Biggest Ever XP Badges Yet”

  1. Jon Olson says:

    This is a huge! We listened to a lot of feedback from the members of the teams and one thing that kept coming up, was making it where the ‘players’ of the game actually got rewarded as well as someone who upgrades, purchases etc….

    Special thanks to Ole Rasmussen and some of the leader of the CTP Teams for sparking this and giving us the idea that it was time to make something like this happened!

  2. Don Howard says:

    Are other TEs dead? I may need to leave the CTP. The cost is getting higher. How do I as owner compete with Tim Tech sites?

    “So there are now 100,000 XP badges at ILoveHits, ThumbVu and StartXchange and our biggest ever XP badge at Sweeva…500,000XP. Yes half a million XP for just one badge.”

    I need to buy xp at high cost. lol

  3. and the innovation continues to abound
    Well done and this should certainly spark a vim and vigour into new members to get involved with the game play as well as providing established (rather than older, lol) members an added extra to their repetoire

  4. Shelayne says:

    For the moment CTP launched you guys have NEVER ceased to keep us motivated, surprised, challenged and happy!

    Every time anyone even comes close to settling down (is that really possible?!!???) you knock our socks off with something even more exciting and rewarding.

    Never a DULL moment!

    And on top of it all we learn and earn!


  5. Walter Mulder says:

    Awesome, thanx

  6. Howard Fullmer says:

    Ubers Unite. We are tighter than tights 2 sizes to small

  7. Karen Kuty says:

    That’s certainly another way to level the playing field for people who aren’t Kore4 and have time to surf. WTG!

  8. Raj G says:


    WoW! That’s Awesome….

    Surf… Surf… Surf… FAST…!!!


  9. Jon says:

    Only half a million for in excess of 1000 pages at Sweeva? 😉

  10. Norbert Ladner says:

    Awesome, this is a reward I was missing.

  11. John Brewer says:

    Very cool stuff. So even those who don’t have the bucks to purchase and or upgrade in things can also benefit from extra ordinary effort. Still no luck for the cheap lazy folks though – lol

  12. This is great. Without the surfers we’re just paying NOT to view each others pages. Sort of defeats the purpose.

  13. Fantastic idea, and once again brilliant marketing from TimTech.

  14. Kathy Dyer says:

    Sounds great!

  15. James Ong says:

    Is it possible to set a upper limit for the badges to be claimed?

    Some people may surf with the expectation of getting the badges within 50 to 100 sites after surfing 1000 sites but in the end only getting the badges 500 or more sites after surfing 1000 sites. In that way, people would not waste their efforts if they know that they may not be able to get the badge with the amount of surfing needed.

  16. Erin says:

    The costs are heaping up and a newbie is learning
    I spent tons and earn very little. What does badges really accomplish?


    • Jon Olson says:

      Relationship building. Growing everyday. Looking at the long term success of affiliates.

      Have you been to a Traffic Exchange Live yet? A lot of your questions are answered Monday – Thursday 4pm eastern 🙂

  17. Maya says:

    Can we talk about another new thing? I know it would make many of the die-hard-surfers very happy:

    THE CTP DAY: like a normal day but with 36 hours?

    LOL..seems there is not enough time in a day anymore

  18. Wendy Browning says:

    I surfed over 1000 pages at all but Sweeva, I only got a little over 500. It seriously liked to kill me and I never saw one of the new badges, It took till almost midnight which is reset and no badges. I was so sad. I surfed literally all day long.

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