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Ubers Don’t Want To Be Left Behind This Week

Ubers Don’t Want To Be Left Behind This Week

I have just looked down the list of all 64 teams and do you have any idea how many are currently in the same position as they ended last week?

The answer is…seven. With three weeks to go in season two there is a huge amount of activity right across the two divisions and that is exactly how we wanted it to be.

It also looks like Uber Surfers didn’t take too kindly to Lucky 13 claiming top spot last week and I wouldn’t be surprised if they have vowed to do all in their power to try to ensure it does not happen two weeks in a row.

I have no insider information for this conclusion but looking at the points gap between the two teams I suspect I may be right.

Uber Surfers lead CTP Teams S2 W8 D2

Yesterday Tom Wacker predicted that SurfAholics Alpha would make a move to claim this week…that very well may be true but with Ubers coming out of the gate at a fast and furious pace it will not be easy.

We spoke about CTP Teams quite a lot in TELive yesterday, it is amazing how this competition has grown and become so vibrant in just a few short months.

We also spoke about Kore4 – the ultimate TimTech upgrade and Janelle then surprised everyone by deciding to offer 2 million XP for anyone who decided to join Kore4.

I thought it was a great offer, but not everyone was at TELive yesterday and not everyone follows Janelle on twitter, although they really should.

So I thought I would use the power of the CTP Teams blog to make it even better.

I want as many people as possible to see how a Kore4 upgrade could make a difference that the offer will be extended until midnight Eastern on Friday.

Why do I want to do this? Well I think now would be a good time to prepare for CTP Teams Season Three…and getting that Kore4 upgrade sorted out right now while you plan your team strategy may just give your team the advantage to make a real impact next season.

So if you want all the amazing benefits of Kore4 and 2 million XP as a nice extra bonus then now is the time to act. Get in touch with Janelle (or send a support ticket) when you upgrade and she will sort out the bonus XP for you.

11 responses to “Ubers Don’t Want To Be Left Behind This Week”

  1. Jon says:

    It’s a great offer but does it freeze out the people who are actively promoting Kore4?

    • Jon Olson says:

      The beauty of free enterprise….You can always do things bigger, and bolder.

    • Jon Olson says:

      Why did it take Janelle to do this? Why didn’t anyone else promoting Kore4 do this months ago? Even if it wasn’t 2 million XP, but something big and bold like this offer…

      The only limits we have, are the ones we impose on ourselves. A wise man told me that once šŸ™‚

      Get out there and big BIGGER than you were yesterday.

      But check out what Janelle wrote below me…..

    • Janelle says:


      It doesn’t freeze anyone out. If you are promoting Kore4 and someone goes Kore4 from your downline, let me know. The offer is for anyone! Just get in touch with me and if someone upgrades, I’m giving 2 million XP. Everyone has the same opportunity here.

      • So from what I understand Janelle you give 2 million to the person who becomes kore4 but ALSO 2 million to the person in the upline ? (if one like gift upgrade their downline)

        • Although Jangle can (and I am most certain that she will) speak for herself, I do believe that only one of them gets it; with the person who pays deciding who that is.

          So if the person is paying for themselves, then they decide. But if you are gifting a K4 upgrade then you get to decide, whether you or the newly upgraded K4 member gets it.

      • Jon says:

        Ok I get it now. I originally thought it was to build Janelle’s K4 downline but I see how it works.

        For the record Jon, the offer of xp for a Kore4 upgrade has been done before (although not on a 2million xp scale). I know that Jean of L13 has done it (I think it was 20k xp) and some other dude offered a lot of xp (62,500 xp) for his Kore 4th of July offer. Wonder who that was? šŸ˜‰

  2. Glenn Witmer says:

    Great offer…nice work

  3. A Big Thumbs Up to Free Enterprize

  4. Howard Fullmer says:

    I just want to say free enterprise

  5. Raj G says:

    All Top Teams are highly competitive

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