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The Standout Splash Page Of Friday’s Sweeva Surf Party Was…

The Standout Splash Page Of Friday’s Sweeva Surf Party Was…

On Friday Jon decided to being the Sweeva Surf Party back and it was a huge success.

Sadly I missed it as I had to leave my computer to fend for itself in a dark and unheated room while I went and interacted with people offline.

Now I must be old fashioned, perhaps horribly old-fashioned but on those rare occasions when I socialize with others then I actually talk to them.

However it is really fascinating, at least to me, to observe those who have grown up with hand-held digital communication as the norm.

Many of this generation seem less comfortable interacting with those around them but will spend all their time interacting with their friends online via various social apps on their smartphones.

Anyway what has that got to do with the Sweeva Surf Party? Well absolutely nothing at all as it happens. But if you have been paying attention you will recall that I said I missed the Surf Party so I have to talk about something on this post!

Sweeva Surf Party news is that it looks like this will be a monthly event, on Thursdays rather than Fridays, with the next one taking place on Thursday March 12 at 4pm Eastern.

So hopefully that sounds like a good plan for everybody and I will do my best to turn up for the next one.

But before I go there is only time to honor the stand-out page of Friday’s Surf Party…step forward Norbert Ladner from Renegades with this awesome contribution:

Norbert Ladner Renegades Vitamines splash page for SSP

Well done sir.

20 responses to “The Standout Splash Page Of Friday’s Sweeva Surf Party Was…”

  1. Howard Fullmer says:

    I like these vitamins

  2. Stephen Daniel says:

    Very well made splash page good job Norbert it looks awesome!!

  3. Wayne Joseph says:

    Awesome, as all his pages!

  4. James Bain says:

    I am very old fashioned. No choice, I am 67.

    The splash page is great. Unfortunately it has to go to the long, tedious, drawn out, much to long site for Kore4. Am I alone in this? TimTech please provide a more direct short landing sign up page. Give the referral a choice to go to more info if they want, but please do something. I get tired of paging down to the bottom when it is the opening page after logging in.

    Thank you for listening.

  5. Take four of these and you will feel five times better

  6. David McKay says:

    The latest in a long line of outstanding splash pages. Great work Norbert. 🙂

  7. Thea Penders says:

    Excellent Splash, great Idea, the Vitamins.

    Top Norbert.

  8. Maya says:

    Norbert you made a awesome splash!
    I’m gonna ask if these bottles are in Obamacare 🙂

  9. Brilliant Splash Norbert. Great work my friend!
    Go Renegades!

  10. R. Van Sky says:

    Very well done Norbert. You deserve the limelight! A great splash

  11. Karen Kuty says:

    That is an awesome splash page! Again, I am saddened that I always seem to miss the Sweeva surf parties!

  12. outstanding splash page; expertly done! Congratulations to you Norbert

  13. If art is a form of communication, I’d say Norbert speaks so well…

  14. marye says:

    Awesome splash — great concept

  15. Norbert Ladner says:

    I want to thanks all for these great comments.

  16. Raj G says:

    Excellent idea & presentation….!!!

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