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Goodnight Becca – You Are The Spirit Of TELive

Goodnight Becca – You Are The Spirit Of TELive

Rebecca Thames CTP profile

On Friday Rebecca D Thames passed away after battling against pneumonia since October 2014.

Rebecca was someone who could have moaned about life being so unfair…but she did not.

She could have complained about having difficulties in working online…but she did not.

She could have been bitter that others had advantages that she had not…but she was not.

Instead she brought joy and happiness to the Traffic Exchange community and was always trying to help others whenever she could.

She was just 46 and spent almost all of her life in pain but this never stopped her smiling, thinking of others and spreading joy and love.

Rebecca was a regular at TELive, a friendly face in the traffic exchanges and she loved this community with a passion.

Her CTP profile was so telling about the way she lived her life. She wrote: “My favorite part about CTP is getting to know new folks” and she spread happiness to all of those new folks she got to know.

I never heard her say a bad word about anyone, instead she would freely pass on her knowledge and her experience to new people she met in traffic exchanges and build up relationships with people she had already gotten to know.

Tom Wacker said it best when, over the weekend,  he described her as “the spirit of TELive” because she was exactly that.

Of her own illness she wrote about that in her CTP profile too; not to gain sympathy from others but because she thought that others would be too afraid to ask.

Rebecca, who was only 3ft tall, wrote: “I have a rare genetic condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (aka Brittle Bones) You can Google it or look up www.oif.org to learn more. My energy is often low but I try to make the most of it. I may not surf with the big-dogs but have fun with the little I do.

“I really enjoy the chats. Skype TELive chat has a lot going on plus the real TELive every weekday with Jon and Justin and Tim. They are so helpful and funny. hehe They really welcome you and try to help when you get confused.

“I hope you have a great experience with CTP now that you are here. If there’s anyway I can help, send me a note and I’ll do my best! Send me a pm and lets be friends!!.”

There is little wonder that the entire community feels a tremendous sense of loss this weekend. Rebecca was, and still is, an inspiration to us all.





19 responses to “Goodnight Becca – You Are The Spirit Of TELive”

  1. John Brewer says:

    She will most certainly be missed.

  2. She was a GREAT friend and inspiration to all. I am honored to have known her and called her a friend. You are FREE now Becca… NO MORE PAIN….. Love always Brenda

  3. Scott, this is a beautiful celebration of a life of Love & Light

    Becca, I am grateful to have known you.

    Rest in Peace Rebecca Thames.

  4. Ken Wolff says:

    Becca will live in our hearts forever. Rest In Peace Becca This is a quote from Becca herself around Christmas 2014:

    “Many blessings and fond memories be yours during this blessed season! For God gave us the greatest gift ever in the first Christmas Day… Not only His one and only Son, but “the dawn of redeeming Grace…” (From Silent Night) The first step toward access to the very heart of God Himself! 😀

    Love Always and Merry Christmas,
    Becca and Bill Thames”

    Click on my name to read the rest of the post.

  5. Janet Legere says:

    I knew Rebecca through the Traffic Exchange groups and she was always willing to help and always had a smile for everyone. I’m sorry to hear of her passing. She will live on in the hearts of many who knew her here online! Rest well Rebecca.

  6. Rest in Peace Rebecca, you will always be here – in memories!
    Love Ole

  7. Victoria Stein says:

    My heart is softly pained,..as we are so close in our chronological age…..

    Right from the moment Rebecca touched my life,..she truly shined as jcslight! (her username)

    Just as in our lives off-line,..we will come to know some heartfelt losses,…and I will carry forward the ‘spirit’ in which Rebecca ‘chose’ to live her life…this being: friendly, lighthearted, smiling, caring, compassionate, understanding, laughing, and an incredible ‘Joy’ to be around!

  8. This is such sad new to hear that Becca has left our plane of existence, but she is in a better place now free of pain. Now she can fly free to where ever she wants to go!

    I also want to give her family my deepest sympathy for the loss of Becca.

    She was such an inspiration to us all.

    Dear Becca I am so glad you are free of pain now and know your spirit will always be with us. It was so nice to have known you in this life, and I will see you in the next life. Have fun my dear friend flying free in the heavens exploring all that there is to see. 🙂

    Love, prayers and hugs to all.

    Barb, Baby, Beenie

  9. Hadn’t seen Becca on line for a while, and I know she wasn’t having the best of times,
    May she at least now RIP

  10. Corina says:

    God gave her this illness, but He also gave her a wonderful, positive and lovely spirit. Everytime she was around, she was friendly, a delight to chat with. Never tried to use her misfortune to make people feel sorry for her, on the contrary… A role model and a source of inspiration. Rest in peace, beautiful soul….

  11. Scott Rohn says:

    In spite of her pain, Becca could always make you smile, never once did she ever complain about what she was going through. But today there are no smiles just tears. Eventually those tears will go away and her memory will once again bring a smile back to everyone’s face. Now she is with God free from pain in that we can all take comfort. Rest In peace Rebecca My Prayers are with you and your family

  12. Karen Kuty says:

    I was so very sad to read about Becca’s passing. She was always such a joy to chat with. The world is a smaller place without her in it.

    My sincere condolences to her husband and the rest of her family.

  13. Sig says:

    Its with respect I read this Story and blog about her. Seen her, talked to her I done too. I didnt knew mucb about her illness, but as it say here, she didnt wanted to “bother” any with her pain.. no complaining etc..

    People like her will ofcause be missed, and with respect I ask God take her in his arms, and make her free from all pains.

    R.I.P Becca , I know you will not be forgotten in our world here.


  14. Glenn Witmer says:

    She will be very missed, she was also so happy and helpful in the chats.

    Very sad to hear of her passing

  15. It brings so much sadness when God, in His infinite wisdom, decides to remove one of His roses from this garden. One thing we, those of us left here in this hell, can be assured of, those that God take from us have been taken for a far better life free from pain and anguish.
    My condolences to Becca’s family and to all of her friends. May the comfort of God’s Grace and Mercy surround you during this time of bereavement and may His Grace and Mercy sustain you as you move forward in life without her. She will always be in the hearts of those she touched.

    Sorrowfully written,
    Mary Magistro

  16. Annette R says:

    I was heart-broken to read of this sad news on Facebook when I got home on my Saturday night. I concur with Victoria’s statement: “Right from the moment Rebecca touched my life,..she truly shined as jcslight! (her username)”
    She truly did shine out as a Light for Jesus Christ. I have known Becca since I first saw her words shining in the chat in StartXchange,
    back in 2008, but we soon connected as I am a Christian also and I saw in Becca a true sister-in-Christ, a kindred spirit and we soon became firm friends. She truly was an inspiration; against all odds, as others above have said, Becca was a constant source of joy and blessing to all who met her.

    I will miss my dear sweet friend so much, but I must wipe away my tears and be happy for Becca, that she is no longer in pain and now she is resting, free and blissful in the arms of our Lord Jesus! I look forward to the day when we will meet again, dear friend! Love you always!

    My thoughts and prayers are with Bill (her husband) and all her family and friends as they grieve for the loss of
    Becca, too.

  17. John Bell says:

    Rebecca was always such a shining ball of light, I don’t know how she had the strength to go through all of her health issues, but she always did so with a kind word and a smile.

    It’s very saddening to hear this news, my thoughts and prayers are with her family, but I can’t help but be thankful that someone who deserved more than anyone to be pain free at peace, finally is.

  18. Virginia Herron says:

    I am saddened to hear that such a bright and wonderful friend has passed on. She was such a beautiful soul on this earth ]and she will be truly missed. I really don’t to know what to add about her that has not already been said. Some people in this world are too wonderful for words and she was one of them.

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