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What Is Your Motivation For Being On CTP Teams?

What Is Your Motivation For Being On CTP Teams?

Obviously I pay a lot of attention to CTP Teams? It does kind of come with the territory after all.

Today I was chatting about teams in our team Skype room and the question of motivation was one of the subjects which came up.

When it comes to motivation I am really amazed by the people who join a team and then…do nothing. And by nothing I mean absolutely nothing at all. They sit by and let everyone else do the work.

Look you get XP for just logging into CTP every day…so how come week after week there are people in CTP teams with a big fat zero next to their names?

This means they have done nothing. Not a single thing.

Is this acceptable? Well it is up to individual team members and team leaders to decide.

However if you are in CTP Teams I would suggest that this suggests you are prepared to put in at least a minimal amount of effort each today to work on your online business and work on supporting your team.

What do you think though…I really would love to hear your views on this one.

56 responses to “What Is Your Motivation For Being On CTP Teams?”

  1. Being in a team is really AWESOME because:
    -you interact with members in your team,develop ideas and startegies
    -the members in your team could be your future business partners
    -you learn to work as a team and you know there will be someone that got your back,that can motivates you
    -you earn prizes weekly,monthly and yearly
    -new members take a look at the teams and at the members so you are being promoted for FREE!
    So be active because it would definitely pay off!

  2. Wayne D. says:

    I agree with Valentin 100%, with this addition: Surfing can become a monotonous activity but is an integral part of any online business. Between earning badges and contributing toward a team, it makes the activity worth something more than just clicks for credits. I think team leaders should not allow anyone with a 0 on their team for this proves they are not serious about their online venture. Thanks Patrick for another great post. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Lynn M says:

    Having been a leader years ago on the ill-fated TE Teams (RIP, lol), as well as from other experiences, I knew the major value of CTP Teams would be in the relationships you made within your team and the networking aspect of it all. I stay active daily and do everything I’m able on a daily basis for the team because it’s important to me, knowing how important those relationships and all that networking can be.

    One thing I’ve found that’s been different with CTP Teams as opposed to the old TE Teams (RIP again, heh) is that many of us are building relationships not only within our team but with members of other teams as well – for instance, many of us on the Lucky 13 have now had a good deal of interaction with and/or have gotten to know Matt and Nathan better since CTP Teams formed. I personally actually knew Nathan before CTP Teams, but I didn’t know Matt at all.

    Getting to know those other folks, as well as getting to know members of my own team better every day because we interact daily as a team, just expands my network and thus expands all kinds of future possibilities – who knows what, but the more you expand your network, the more potential possibilities there are business-wise! It’s a win-win! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. R. Van Sky says:

    Why join a team, just to be along for the ride? You leaches! Jim is disappointed, he is crying

  5. My motivation is that I am apart of a team and I am able to contribute to it.

  6. I am a very active team member. I think inactive members should be thrown of and blacklisted so that they cannot join another team.

    • Bob Sims says:

      I feel that they should be given a hand up first, or perhaps contacting them to see whats up.

    • I disagree with you Paul. I have a job in real life, I am not sitting home on my computer all day. I like to be on a team. If someone is not active kick them off the team but blacklisting them is harsh. This TE stuff is not the end of the world. How many have you met that actually create a liveable income on this stuff? Not that many, and those that do work hard at it. The rest of us are doing the best we can. Barring someone from going to another team is just a terrible idea. What if they were in an accident or something, and couldn’t help it? Yanno…really….geez….

  7. Tom Wacker says:

    AArrrgggghhh. I have written about it, talked about it on my spreecast. If you can’t even log in every day, why bother. Really.

    I’m going to sneak a link in here, Patrick. It’s for our Lucky 13 blog today. Jean K made a terrific post about this very subject. It need be, you can remove the link, and send me to the corner:)

    Go Lucky 13

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      the link can stay, I just tidied it up a bit so that it does not take people away from this page when they click it.

  8. Charlotte Ericson says:

    Belonging to a team can help you see things from different perspectives, whether you just started out or have been doing this for years. Every teammember should do their best and not let the rest of the team do the work for them. CTP teams are about working together to achieve your goal.

  9. Joao Ramos says:

    Build realtionships with the other members and be able to help them when they need.
    But the main motivation is: being on a team is like being on a family.

    That’s what i feel about Luck13: a family!

    Do you need more motivation than this?!

  10. Teams are about working toward a common goal. If a person is not working toward that common goal, whatever it is, a person should not whine when they are kicked off the team. It is not the process failed, but the person failed or did not apply the process.

    • This whole thing makes me sad. I wish I never read any of this stuff. ๐Ÿ™ if someone is not pulling their weight that is one thing. Sometimes I can’t log in. My power goes out and then what..I don’t deserve to be on a team because of something that I cannot control? Really? I think that is awful. If that is what this stuff is all about then I really need to rethink my TE time. ๐Ÿ™

  11. Donna says:

    Granted I only joined CTP a few weeks before teams began but before that date I thought people who clicked every single day were a bit sad with no lives (sorry)…now since the teams started I feel that their is more of a purpose to it…The relationships that have formed and the spirit of helping each other..I had my first red day last week since we started this thing and I actually felt guilty and apologized to my team mates! I for one don’t see the point if you are not interested enough to make at least the minimal of efforts then you don’t deserve to be part of this! it’s quite simple really!

  12. Sig says:


    If there is a Reason that some doesnt log in some days, well then I can accept it. But if they just dont care….

    Well I guess all is said allready. Good and interesting Question you took up here.


  13. What is my motivation? I have to admit there have been days when that’s exactly what I’ve asked myself when I do my reflection at the end of the day and assess what I’ve done to move me closer to my goals.

    Is this the best use of our time is something that each of us need to question. Then we need to find the balance between the fun, our passions, and true Income Producing Activities (IPAs). When all is right with the world, each activity we do actually fulfills all 3 of these categories at once.

    As for those people that do nothing on the team (including not logging in, never opening my PMs, or putting up a gravatar (ruins our team splash, highly annoying), I gave them a chance then started deleting them. No reward points went to them.

  14. Wendy says:

    Building relationship and helping each others. And also having for fun.

  15. Elizabeth says:

    CTP teams are brlliant! Love it, also the small team sizes making interaction easy
    (Slap my wrist as set up another Skype account still on Soph’s to do list!)

  16. Georgia says:

    I really enjoy interacting with team members in the team chat. I have learned a lot from other team members. I am also motivated by other members of the team who surf a lot and I feel I should do my part to help the team.

    I also understand why someone may not be able to sign in every day – real life sometimes intrudes sometimes. But I don’t understand when someone does not sign in for days at a time unless they have given up and moved on to other things.

    Then I think it is up to the team lead to try to find out what’s up and remove the person if they don’t respond.

    Happy surfing everyone!

  17. Jon Olson says:

    Seeing these team leaders step up and become great…That’s why I’m so addicted to this stuff. It’s pretty remarkable in just the short few months we’ve been doing this to see the members step up and create something remarkable. Huge win for everyone involved!

  18. Shelayne says:

    Well said Patrick. Anyone can log in at least a few times a week if not every day. Anyone can surf at least 50 pages on the tier for the day a few times a week. It really comes to how much we care and as is often said… How Much We Want It!

    We have had to drop a couple folks who joined and then did nothing, absolutely nothing. We also had one person leave due to this as it brought our whole team down. It was a bit discouraging but hey that is what freedom of choice is all about.


  19. Kathy Dyer says:

    Teams are fun. If you dropped members with 0 points would they even notice? It is fun to help out fellow team mates and see them help others. I would rather, after I have reached that tier 4 or 5 for the day, see my teammates contributing too.

    • I agree with that … when week after week we see the same one(s) at the bottom with goose eggs beside their names, we are the goose for not voting them out. I understand that some people have a 40 year plan where they need to punch a clock or things can come up in life. The problem is if they do not even have the courtesy to say what is happening or why they are not joining in the team activities, then it may be time to bow out. I would personally welcome communication if I were the low person … MAYBE… someone is really hurting and needs us to reach out.

  20. Anton Parvov says:

    Building relationship and helping each others and having fun…

  21. My view on this is simple – there should be a minimum level of participation required to belong to a team, otherwise you lose your place on the team. The teams exist ostensibly to accomplish something. Lack of or very low participation accomplishes nothing, so why take space on a team that could be given to someone more motivated and of more value to the team? It’s a waste of your time and the team’s time and their chances to do well in the competitions.

    Do us all a favor, if you don’t plan to participate, don’t join. it’s not a comment on your character, simply a matter of practicality and respect for those who are counting on you to be a valued team member.

  22. First, I’d like to thank everyone responsible for creating and running Click Track Profit – it changed my life in ways I cannot really explain.

    Second, you’re an online entrepeneur with a business that you’re trying to build, joining a team of winners here at CTP is probably the best thing you could ever do for your business! Be active. Be involved. Truly amazing stuff.

  23. Frank says:

    I am able to contribute to my team!

  24. Patricia Hedge says:

    Very nice post indeed!
    Everyone has their own commitments both personal and business.
    Perhaps some don’t understand the concept of team work or think it through before they join.
    However the bottom line is that for those who can balance out their lives to support their team those that don’t take action really should step down out of respect for the action takers.

  25. and yet 80% of team members will not comment on this blog ๐Ÿ™

  26. Many good points I agree to ๐Ÿ™‚ ..to have a goal for your business is easier now that we have the teams…Communication !!! – is one keyword and to work together to achive bigger than you can alone…
    Soooo if you then do nothing you are alone and has NOTHING on a team to do, if one cant do minimal amount of effort like try do do challenges…and even get a few keys which mostly gives XP’s …boot after 3 days and ask them to figure out of themself before applying to another team …geeeze

  27. moune02 says:

    I was recruited by a pro CTP which has motivated me, I did not see too much interest in team, as already disappointed with simlaires experiences on other TE’s, but I must confess that my TEAM is remarkable, that the work bears fruit every day and what fun evening FIRST, every weekend and every month!
    Request a minimum to its members, I’m not really agree with that, I think the ‘Captain’ should take its decisions, when a black sheep, odd, the rest of the herd
    I wrote this with my google translator, sorry if a few mistakes are regrettable

  28. Stephen Whittle says:

    Being on a team allows for relationship building and helps keep you accountable for getting online and doing work. Some days, we may need that accountability to get to work.

  29. Selya Rollins says:

    Great points here; my motivation is the comradery and surfing with purpose.

  30. Virginia Herron says:

    This is very, very true. I don’t see CTP Teams as vital to ones business, so I can see why some people don’t want to join. They are surfing else where or they have to little time to devoted. I get it. However, it is very annoying to those who want to meet people, develop their business ideas, share information and participate in the game aspect.

    Not every team is motivated by big prizes but the ones at the top are. I think it’s only fair to put forth some kind of effort and communicate when there are issues. Most people understand if you’re internet goes down or you are stuck somewhere without any access to CTP. Life sometimes brings bad luck too. To just leech, says that you don’t really care about your teammates.

  31. I like the teams, i think its a great way to meet and “hangout” with others that are truly like minded!

  32. Cindy Schellenberg says:

    CTP Masters was kind of an underdog team, being at the bottom for a couple of weeks. When folks started to jump ship, I decided I wasn’t going to do that. I want to see this team to it’s fruition.

    We’re looking good!

  33. Howard Fullmer says:

    I am motivated by the daily challenges and the connections I am making with other team members.

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  35. Myra P says:

    Gee joining a team and doing nothing is worse than joining ctp and not loggingi. Talk about missing out on both counts, friendship, learning different strategies, sometimes just being a sounding board from someone having an off-day….being a good teammate takes work, and one is not willing to make the effort then why bother…

  36. Raj G says:

    Everyone must try to get involved and enjoy the charm in taking part in a competition along with other team members…!

  37. Karen Kuty says:

    I enjoy being on a team–working with and masterminding with like-minded people. It’s a fun way to make surfing less monotonous (and it can be). It’s also another way to brand yourself and to advertise your business.

  38. Bob Sims says:

    I was motivated to participate in the CTP Teams because at onset it seem that it would be good to be with a group of others (Team) and perhaps do what Tim Tech outlines that should be done…..

    CTP Teams rewards you for being active for everything you do in ClickTrackProfit. Best of all, you are also rewarded for everything your team does as well. Earn points for completing CTP training, earn for spinning the prize wheel. You also earn by logging in every day of the month, Nerd Surfing, claiming badges while surfing across the industry, playing the Vault N’ Keys, the bonus games and so much more…There are so many ways to earn points in CTP teams, all you have to do is be active!

    I would have never thought that such an “Unfair Advantage” in points awarded would be a factor = Kore4.

    I make it a point to do whatever I can in CTP each day, and it sure would have been a lot more interesting without the leading teams being way beyond reach weekly or monthly, and the way it looks…..yearly.

  39. Victoria Stein says:

    ‘Ditto’…….to what has already been said, and would add

    1)to build better communication and trust

    2) to ‘coach’, ‘motivate’, ‘inspire’……and receive a good push when needed!

    3) to learn and share while moving out of the ‘comfort zone’

  40. Jessica McLurkin says:

    I feel that all Team Members that do join a Team here should contribute as much as they possibly can to enable their Team to be the “best” it can be !! ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. To be part of the Fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Howard Fullmer says:

    I am happy I am on a team were 20/25 members sometimes 25/25 members show up everyday and show progress on the daily challenge. That is why surfaholic Alpha is the number one team

  43. moune02 says:

    i agree Howard ๐Ÿ˜›

  44. Marye says:

    all good points – I feel that being within a team and the relationships you develop within the team and also, outside, because of the team, make me more motivated to participate in daily activities on site.

  45. anim says:

    Just join
    And share our bussiness website ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Abdellah says:

    working as a team is very good, it motivates since I joined kore4 team

  47. john says:

    Has been having fun surfing pages ,spinning the wheel,giving out badges,redeeming my bones points keeping my ads showing .It is an internet world these days ,remember back when i joined the ad in the snow was the catcher for me you rock .

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