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From The Players Of Today We Will Find Leaders Of Tomorrow

From The Players Of Today We Will Find Leaders Of Tomorrow

Less than a week in and there is no doubt that people love CTP Teams.

It is fun, exciting, interactive and challenging.

Some will use it just to add an additional element of fun to the activities they were doing online already.

Some will want to do it “for the win” to be in top spot and gain the bragging rights from being top.

Others will be motivated by the prizes which can be won, or the chance to compete against others or the chance to co-operate with some while competing against other teams.

There is clear evidence that some see this as an opportunity to build their own online businesses and to hone their business skills.

Certainly many players will be motivated by more than one of the above factors.

What is your motivation?

As I said in TELive last night, I feel sure that among the CTP Teams players of today we will see future  leaders of our community emerge.

Are you one of them?

8 responses to “From The Players Of Today We Will Find Leaders Of Tomorrow”

  1. I totally agree Patrick. My motivation is taking my team, “TEAM GREEN” to the TOP while helping them succeed at the same time.

  2. Virginia Herron says:

    I joined a team instead of starting one so I could work with certain individuals I wanted to be partnered with as opposed to working against them. Starting a team would have been the easy route for me. I chose to strengthen my relationships instead.

  3. Lynn M says:

    I sort of did the same thing as Ginny. In retrospect (and especially since I was a top team leader on TE Teams, RIP), I probably should have started my own, but it was new and everyone was scrambling and I just went ahead and joined one – but I also happened to join one that includes three or more people that I work with regularly and often, and who are also active and also Kore4. I figure a lot of our team’s future success will stem from that so I’m cool with it. 😀

    • Bob Pizor says:

      Like Lynn and Ginny, I joined a team of my friends and colleagues that i work with on a regular basis as opposed to creating my own team. Here’s to hoping that we can take LUCKY 13 to the top.

  4. John Brewer says:

    I am interested to see where this will lead. I decided to be a team member so that I can learn and get a better grip on the full potential of all of this.

  5. Barbara Erickson says:

    I joined a team to get some leverage! Also it is an incentive for me to get our team to the top, as well as get more creative in my advertising efforts.

  6. For sure Patrick agreed on this great post.Personally I am honoured to be part of SurfAholics.Each day we plus one,chat,have fun,we feel good.When you feel good AWESOME things happen!Like…being on first place!

  7. This is great Patrick! I have 10 team members now on my Nerdbirds Team!!! I am really excited about that. 🙂 I am definitely motivated to surf Vault and Key more to get more points for my team 🙂

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