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Happy Birthday To Us – XP Bonus To Mark CTP Birthday

Happy Birthday To Us – XP Bonus To Mark CTP Birthday

XP Bonus to celebrate CTP becoming four

Happy Birthday CTP. This week Click Track Profit – the online training program which helped revolutionise the TE industry – is four years old.

And what an amazing four years we have seen…the rise of social interactions, badges driving activity, diverse bite-size training, a raft of new games which have spread througout the industry, CTP Teams, the coming together of a vibrant online community and so much more.

It is amazing that we have managed to fit so much in to these four short years and we are already planning some of the awesome sauce goodies that will be part of the next four years.

But for now it is time to celebrate and we have thrown a party right across the whole of TimTech land.

So from now and right through until February 9 we would like to give you 10,000 CTP XP for every single dollar that you spend with TimTech.

It is as simple as that and there are absolutely no catches at all: $1 = 10,000 XP, unless, of course, you happen to be Kore4 and then we ramp things up by 400% – now every dollar is worth 40,000 XP for our Kore4 members.

So whether you need credits or tokens, a promo or an upgrade, then come celebrate with us and mark CTP’s fourth birthday.

Finally, we could never have done any of this without you, the loyal members who have helped put CTP where it is today.

Whether you have been with us from day one, or whether today is your day one at CTP, then many thanks to each and every one of you.

But where exactly is CTP at today? Well here are some numbers:

– $146,309 has been paid out in commissions

– we have just welcomed our 119,036th member to the CTP community

– 80 members have joined so far this morning (it is only 7am Eastern as I write this post)

– 476 members are online right now

– 958 members have logged in so far today alone

and one more thing…

You know those badges, the ones people said would never last and made us the laughing stock of the industry…

– 22,774,453 badges have been claimed. (I think CTP badge fans have had the last laugh after all.)

By the way, as the previous blog post has shown, now could not be a more opportune time to get a much-needed CTP XP boost.

Right throughout CTP Teams – from the top of the Premier League to the bottom of the Competitive League – teams could dramatically affect their rankings with very little effort indeed. See the screengrab below so see how close many of the teams are.

CTP has truly shaken up this industry and now you can let its fourth birthday celebrations shake up the rankings at CTP Teams.

Screenshot shows how close things are in CTP Teams S2 W5 D4


19 responses to “Happy Birthday To Us – XP Bonus To Mark CTP Birthday”

  1. Joao Ramos says:

    Happy birthday CTP! 🙂

    It’s been an amazing journey that i only hope it keeps going even better (i think it will only get better)!

    Keep up the awesome work. 🙂

  2. Boris says:

    Happy birthday nerds! 🙂

  3. ######## Happy Birthday ClickTrackProfit #########

    Looking forward to many great years to come !!
    Timtech – is still the future of online marketing and I love the concept still after all these years 🙂
    Stay focused !


  4. James Bain says:

    Still just a toddler of 4. The next 4 year term will be even better.

  5. Wayne Joseph says:

    Happy Birthday!! Nice promotion and I am hoping for a CTP Badge Event like we did last year, soon 🙂

  6. younes says:

    happy birthday

  7. yay, even more, and my dollars are already spent lol

  8. Happy birthday.
    Thank you for the birthday cake

  9. Tom Wacker says:

    Happy Birthday TimTech.

    You know I’m a big fan, and I’m sure it will go places I can’t even imagine.

    Dammit. You guys are good.

  10. Glenn Witmer says:

    Happy Birthday CTP…Is Bill baking a B-day cake badge??

  11. Mandy Moomy says:

    Happy birthday CTP! Great bonus 🙂

  12. Howard Fullmer says:

    Happy birthday CTP

  13. Karen Kuty says:

    Happy Birthday to you, you live in a zoo, you act like a bunch of monkeys, good thing I can’t smell any of you….to paraphrase the traditional birthday song as sung in my family (we’re a little odd, so are you, it fits).


  14. Boris says:

    С Днем Рождения CTP

  15. Sweet! It makes any purchases just that much better.

  16. Georgia Stewart says:

    Happy Birthday – best wishes for more years to come!

  17. Happy Birthday with many years of prosperity and success to come.

  18. Raj G says:

    Wishing many more to come… cheers!

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