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Wine Tasting Notes By Tom Wacker

Wine Tasting Notes By Tom Wacker

A Fine Whine Sweeva splash page by Tom Wacker

It would appear that Tom Wacker knows a thing or two about fine wines.

While not a consumer of fine wines, or indeed any other wines these days, I suspect he may have enjoyed a glass or two in the past.

It is not immediately clear why he has been running a video splash page on Sweeva this past week talking about wine tasting.

In fact I am not entirely sure that it is about wine tasting at all really.

Maybe you could make your own minds up.

One thing is certain…these funny video splash pages certainly cover a wide range of subject areas.

Keep them coming.

Tom Wacker Fine Wine Sweeva splash page 1

10 responses to “Wine Tasting Notes By Tom Wacker”

  1. James Bain says:

    My taste buds do not function very well with food let alone wine.

    I actually do not drink wine due to a traumatic event when I was 10 years old.

    I lived with my grandfather and he drank moonshine. One day he was in a drunken state and was sitting on a railroad track that ran in front of where we lived.

    You can guess what happened when the train came through. He was only 43.

    I never even considered touching any alcohol drinks since then.

    I have always wandered what a good sweet wine would taste like.

  2. Steps of wine tasting
    1. Look at the wine, especially around the edges.
    2. Swirl the wine in your glass.
    3. Note the wine’s viscosity (how slowly it runs back down the side of the glass) while you’re swirling
    4. Sniff the wine.
    5. Take a sip of wine, but do not swallow it until you’re finished with this step.
    6. Aspirate through the wine.
    7. Take another sip of the wine, but this time (especially if you are drinking a red wine) introduce air with it.
    8. Note the aftertaste.
    9. Write down what you experienced.
    10. Try pairing wines with unusual ingredients and note the how it enhances or diminishes the flavors of the wine.

    Send me a bottle of your wine please Tom so I can taste it

  3. Sig says:

    We learning something new, something cool, interesting and even something bad everyday…

    this is not the learn something bad at all.

    Thx Tom for rolling this out to us.

    Son of Thor The ThunderGod!

  4. Glenn Witmer says:

    A nice glass of wine with a fancy dinner, but more of a beer and vodka drinker myself

  5. Anton Parvov says:

    Send me a bottle of your wine please

  6. Elizabeth says:


  7. Marye says:

    I live in the heart of California Wine Country – and…lol..don’t drink…

  8. While I do still like a glass of wine, my ability to stay awake after it has become laughable. 😉

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