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You See The Third Placed Counter Wasn’t Broken After All

You See The Third Placed Counter Wasn’t Broken After All

It has been well documented, that in the past the CTP Teams counter has proved a little bit unreliable when it came to the really big numbers.

Thankfully that has all been fixed and no problems have been reported in recent months.

The only thing we were not able to test was whether the counter for third place in the Premier League was working as well as it should be.

I mean, it seemed alright and there had been no complaints, not even the faintest glow of a warning light on the TimTech dashboard of reliability…but still.

You see the problem we had is that those, oh-so-stubborn Lucky 13 guys and girls, refused to move from third spot …so it looked like the counter might have been stuck.

Week after week it was Lucky 13 third place and there it stayed…until now.

Lucky 13 move into first place on CTP Teams Premier League S2 W5 D2

Uber Surfers are now in third place, SurfAholics Alpha in second and Lucky 13 are in the lead…first spot no less.

It is a relatively slim lead indeed and it is only Day 2 of this weekly contest so whether they hold that lead until Sunday remains to be seen.

However at least we all know that the third place counter wasn’t broken after all!

12 responses to “You See The Third Placed Counter Wasn’t Broken After All”

  1. To me that 3rd place counter seems broken. Hopefully later this week it shows a different team again.

  2. Marye says:

    are you sure it’s working?

  3. Glenn Witmer says:

    We are working hard to see that is in fact not broken

  4. Funny. . . Well maybe not if you were the team in question.

  5. Ken Wolff says:

    It would be interesting to highlight a the top three teams in the category of most improved over last week. Tight now that would include the Founders who are +7 from where they were last week, Money Tree Shakers at +12 and the Down Under Surfers +27. WTG Teams! 😀

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      Good point Ken…I do highlight these big number movers from time to time. I think it is interesting to mention other teams as well as the top three.

      And, once again, if any of the smaller teams want to get in touch and let me know what they are up to then I would love to hear from them.


  6. Karen Kuty says:

    I never thought the counter was broken, but then again, I don’t worry about it too much–I’m more concerned with having fun!

  7. Wendy Browning says:


  8. Raj G says:

    Lucky 13 stuck at #3…?!?



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