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Comeback Kings Alphas Deny Ubers Two Wins In A Row

Comeback Kings Alphas Deny Ubers Two Wins In A Row

At one point yesterday it looked like the Uber Surfers had build up such a strong lead over SurfAholics Alpha that another weekly win was in the bag.

While many other eyes were gripped by something called The Super Bowl, a kind of sporting event where performers dress as sharks and chess pieces and the singer Katy Perry pretends to be a giant tiger, the real drama was taking place at CTP Teams.

I wish I could describe it to you in blow-by-blow detail but I missed it all – being on the ‘wrong’ side of the Atlantic does have its drawbacks.

One moment it looked like this…

Ubers Ahead OF SAAs in CTP Teams

And the next, like this…

SAAs win S2 W4 at CTP Teams

What happened in between is a mystery to me but it seems as dramatic as any Super Bowl, with or without the giant tigers and dancing sharks.

So if you were there then please leave a comment and fill me in on what went on.

That makes it three weeks to the Alphas and one to the Ubers and Lucky 13 have now notched up four third place finishes this season.

So is it all over for Season Two…not a bit of it. The league table is very close indeed as this screenshot shows:

CTP Teams Season Two table screenshot

Just two points in it at the top of the table.

So as we enter Season Two Week Five, I can see that throughout both leagues many teams are already starting very strongly indeed. Have a great week everyone and, as ever, have fun as you take part.

12 responses to “Comeback Kings Alphas Deny Ubers Two Wins In A Row”

  1. Let’s just say that two teams fighted till the bitter end of the week. We continously changed #1 position between Alpha’s and Ubers. Funny to watch for others, frustrating to watch when you’re team leader of the team that hasn’t build up such a stock pile of reward points the past competition. Well we’ve proven again last week how strong we are and we’ll continue to fight!

  2. It was just like the Superbowl battle! The ubers had 1st and goal at the 1 yard line and we (SSA) intercepted the ball and won the game! It was an epic battle all the way to the very end!!

  3. R. Van Sky says:

    It was an epic battle. Bravo to both teams. By the way, what is xp?

    • Sig says:

      Rip…XP? oh thats something you get when you have “alot” of Snow..like 6inch or 16 inch lol 🙂

      Congrats Alphas for winning this round.. but I still sleep good at night…an other lie, coz I dont sleep much… :p

      Happy Bday all

  4. Howard Fullmer says:

    I would like to thank Rip for sending me that battery so I could be part of the teams awesome XP gaining toward the end

  5. amazing what single members can do to benefit teams

  6. Stefan Berg says:

    Lesson Learned…. Never ever Give Up…

    Especially when You belong to a Team Like SAA …

    We where down on 9 and came back up and won lol
    Same goes for Business and life overall…
    fight until the bitter end …

  7. Marye says:

    What a Battle! WTG

  8. Glenn Witmer says:

    Charge on Ubers, it’s a new week

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