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Breaking News: The NEW CTP Teams Loyalty Reward

Breaking News: The NEW CTP Teams Loyalty Reward

CTP Teams Loyalty Bonus for upgradsing in Kore4 and subscribing to RocketResponder and trck.me

Sometimes we don’t say thank you enough.

But from today we are going to thank our really awesome customers and CTP Teams players for being so awesome.

Here is how it is going to work:

1. For every member on your team who is also a RocketResponder subscriber – 100% team bonus

2. For every member of your team who is also a Trck.me subscriber – 100% team bonus

3. For every member of your team who is also a member of Kore4100% team bonus.

4. For every member of your team who is in all three of the above programs – an extra 200% bonus on top of the above bonuses, making a 500% team bonus.

The Kore4 bonus will apply in addition to all the other existing bonuses that members get for being in Kore4, making this ultimate upgrade more attractive than ever before for CTP Teams players.

We kept this as simple and easy-to-understand as possible so the new bonuses will be live and active all the time for as long as you are a member in the programs above.

You will be able to see the bonus on your team page…it shows up in blue.

Your efforts make this a great community that exists in the traffic exchange industry and you guys are the crรจme de la crรจme of our community.

Thank you for being part of our community, thank you for being outstanding customers and thank you for your ongoing loyalty.

Now keep having fun with CTP Teams and see how your new bonuses can shake things up a bit.




42 responses to “Breaking News: The NEW CTP Teams Loyalty Reward”

  1. Janelle says:

    All I can say is wow. Wow wow WOWOWOWOWOW

  2. Mandy Moomy says:

    another great incentive ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks

  3. Kendra Morgan says:

    The one thing that would make this perfect is taking paypal completely out of the equation!

    This is awesome, guys, THANKS!

  4. Snif, snif, snif… Smells like more commissions… Snif, snif, snif…

  5. Very strange stuff indeed

  6. Howard Fullmer says:

    wooooohoooooooo I likey

  7. Great! That makes for really nice bonuses when we claim badges! :-))

  8. Jon Olson says:

    We really hope people see how we’re trying to bring the focus back to building not only vibrant communities but also business oriented activity…

    Like George said above, this means more commissions for everyone and the focus being in the programs that will be with you for the life of your online business.

    We hope you all enjoy the changes!!!

    • One more step remains imho, Jon. Team bonus for referring new CTP members. But I am sure you will figure something out about this as well. You have shown that you can find a lot of ways to reward your affiliates.

  9. Ken Wolff says:

    Thanks for the awesome sauce!

  10. Georgia Stewart says:

    Wow – thanks for the reward!

  11. Sig says:

    *This is more cool stuff…Glad I was at the TELIVE today..got most of it before it poofed away..but folks this is cool!!

  12. Too bad the KORE4 members don’t have Rocket Responder and/or Trck.me included in their monthly membership fees already!

    Another incentive for KORE4 members to earn more bonuses for their teams would be to incorporate ALL of the sites, i.e. FreeTeCredits and CSN sites so that all members of KORE4 that are also members of all 6 of the CashPromoSurf sites could bring something extra to the team, especially upgraded members of those sites. LOL, Shockwave, Traffic fusion still not offering XP at all, to claim badges.
    That would be HUGE!!

  13. Karen Kuty says:

    Awesome new perk! I think there are still a few bugs to work out though, my bonuses don’t show up (and my Kore 4 shows up right on the team page)….

    I’m sure this will get worked out soon.


    • Patrick Griffin says:

      I tested it last night and the bonuses were working fine for me. I asked a couple of other people as well and they told me they were getting exactly what they expected to get with the new bonuses.

      • Lynn M says:

        I think she probably means some folks’ listed bonuses seem to have disappeared from team stats today, apparently after last night’s reset…

        We’ve got four people on our team with 500% bonuses yesterday (including me) that are no longer listed at all as having Loyalty Bonus since reset, and after checking some of the other teams’ stats, some other folks I know had 500% bonuses yesterday don’t show them as having that bonus anymore. Others from yesterday still have the Loyalty Bonus listed.

        Was thinking they might reappear around the morning reset but they haven’t yet… maybe some of them are on a time-stamp kinda thing, I dunno.

        I know of at least one person that sent a support ticket in and I mentioned it to a TT staffer as well, so I’m sure it’ll get sorted out soon, no biggie.

  14. Thank you Jon and TimTech!

  15. Although I have easily understood how these bonuses are calculated, I am still trying to understand why they last for a few hours or days. As an example, today my loyalty bonus is not being shown on the teams page. Is this a bug? If not, it does not make any sense to me at least.

  16. Very interesting approach to GAMIFICATION. After all, instead of the Winners receiving money, we need to pay to be a Winner, no matter what.
    Concluding also, the purpose of CTP and Jon/Tim Tech’s vision for business.
    Congratulations for such innovative thinking, though.
    Yet, our Team Bonus simply disappeared with this morning reset. Even being properly paid. I don’t know for sure but 1000% Team Bonus makes a huge different on CTP ‘rolling action’.
    Are we all on a kind of beta stage?

    • Kendra Morgan says:

      This line of thinking is completely contrary to reason in a cronological and an economic sense.

      I’m willing to bet that every single team member who have subscriptions to any TimTech product had them before there was a “loyalty bonus”.

      These team members are spending the same amount with or without the loyalty bonus. They are not “paying to win”, they are paying for a service each deems valuable to his/her business.

      And, again, If you really wanted to win without purchasing K4, RR, or trck.me, it is entirely possible. Yes, I know it would probably take all 25 team members surfing around the clock, but it absolutely can be done.

      TimTech has put together an incredibly brilliant marketing system and is allowing each of us to benefit from it according to our own efforts, and have fun while we are doing it.

      • I couldn’t have said it better myself. This is simply a thank you to our customers who play the game. All 3 of those products have far exceeding value on their own and we do not need to “force” people into them.

    • Hey you forgot to throw dirt at me since well it is my company. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Erin says:

    This is a definite PLUS!

  18. Andrew says:

    If one has a yearly trck.me subscription, will the loyalty bonus still renew every month? (I noticed it lasts 4 weeks).

  19. I’m sure of it, Kendra…

  20. Jeff Dionne says:

    when an owner gives away xp points
    does that member get this bonus
    and if so is that extra bonus deducted from owners xp points give away balance????????????
    If i give 100k
    does it give 500k instead and deduct
    as I have a contest
    and do not want to give away more then my balance???
    and not be able to award prizes if it deducts more then i award
    if this makes sense

  21. Marye says:

    brilliant marketing strategy folks

  22. Raj G says:


    Oh! its a great way to reward…


  23. Maris says:


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    Opportunities to earn without investment!


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