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After 19 Straight Weeks At The Top Alphas Lose Premier League Top Spot

After 19 Straight Weeks At The Top Alphas Lose Premier League Top Spot

Ubers top CTP Teams Premier League at end of S2 W3

As winning streaks go, it is another CTP Teams record for SurfAholics Alpha…19 week unbeaten run at the top of the CTP Teams Premier League.

However all winning streaks must eventually end and Week Three of Season Two saw the Alphas dislodged from first place by on-form Uber Surfers.

The Uber Surfers were in first place for most of the week, were pushed back to second as the Alphas pushed forward for the win but snatched the lead back towards the end of play.

Lucky 13 took third place once again, with Renegades fourth and CSN fifth.

Hits WorkForce, Ultimate Surf Warriors and In To Win all moved up from the Competitive League and were replaced by TE Racing League, The Strays and Surf Lovers.

As we enter Week Four of Season Two it is very tight at the top of the Season Table with Alphas just one point ahead of the Ubers and Lucky 13, five points off the lead in third place.

The Top Ten on the Season Table looks like this:

Season Points in CTP Teams at the end of S2 W3

So once again as we enter a new week at CTP Teams, good luck everyone and have fun.

9 responses to “After 19 Straight Weeks At The Top Alphas Lose Premier League Top Spot”

  1. Jon says:

    So proud of our team. It was a fantastic effort by everybody this week. Congrats to the Alphas too for making it nip and tuck all the way. Go Ubers! πŸ™‚

  2. marye says:

    Awesome effort by all the teams!

  3. Howard Fullmer says:

    good Job Ubers It was a fun battle. Time for more Hardcore surfing on the Alpha team I suppose πŸ™‚

  4. Yes the Ubers were on top the whole week and had a good fight with the Alpha’s on Sunday night. Great job Ubers! Great fun Alpha’s!! (Also the splash page was was great fun).

    And to all teams: if you want it and you work for it you can do it! We’ve proven it last year when we started in the middle of the competition, got into the Premier league in no time and stayed in the top 3 the whole time. And we didn’t have the advantages of the other top teams there.

    The Ubers are determined. We will fly high again this competition.

    Battle speed! πŸ™‚

  5. Sig says:

    This must have been the closes race in the History of Man…eh sorry CTP Teams.

    And All respect to those teams that was battling to the finaly end.. (I myself must admite I finaly slept then…)

    Ofcause I enjoy that We won as Ubers, but I dont run around and laught at all you other teams… why should I, when i know you all work hard, and fighted to the bitter end.

    And now we begin a new week, and I dont believe it gonna be a easy one either.

    With all Respect, go for it all Teams, lets show the CTP Teams are still alive and rocking it!!


    And Uber Viking with Respect for the Teams.

  6. Glenn Witmer says:

    WTG to all the teams and players

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