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Quick Update: Cat And Mouse At The Top As Alphas Inch Ahead Of Ubers

Quick Update: Cat And Mouse At The Top As Alphas Inch Ahead Of Ubers

Alphas inch ahead of Ubers in CTP Teams S2 W3 D7

It has been a hard-fought week in CTP Teams and earlier today SurfAholics Alpha regained the lead over Uber Surfers who had spent most of the week in first spot.

However things could change again as Ubers fight back hard. Over the last few hours the gap between the two teams has been narrowing all the time.

Ubers are currently gaining team points at a faster rate than the Alphas and if this continues then they will be back on top again soon.

It is very close indeed at the top and with just nine hours to go it is still impossible to predict which team will be ahead by midnight Eastern when this week’s contest ends.

It is going to the wire this week. Lucky 13 will come third, that at least, seems certain but as for the first two then the battle is still on.


7 responses to “Quick Update: Cat And Mouse At The Top As Alphas Inch Ahead Of Ubers”

  1. Jon says:

    Going to be a close one 😉

  2. Keep watching the charts the coming hours. This is going to be fun 🙂

  3. Anton Parvov says:

    the battle is still on

  4. David McKay says:

    So close this week but in the last hour it seems Alphas are pulling ahead.

    Still over six hours to go and it wouldn’t surprise me if it changed a few
    times before the end.

    Good Luck to both. Looks like an epic battle.

  5. Sig says:

    I still am impressed by all that happens in the CTP Team Fights…

    Must the hardest figthing teams win, and it would be even more fun if even more was closer at the top, to make it even more interesting…I hope L13 can do some magic at the end to push the top 🙂


    I come in peace – Truly

  6. Marye says:

    Great Work coming from BOTH Teams….they’re both winners!

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