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Determined Alphas Close In On Hard To Shift Ubers

Determined Alphas Close In On Hard To Shift Ubers

Top of premier league at CTP Teams S2 W3 D6

Ever since Uber Surfers made it to the top of the Premier League at the start of the week, they have proved impossible to dislodge.

As a result, SurfAholics Alpha have had to remain content to look at the league through new eyes – looking at the team in front of them.

At the start of the week the gap was significant but the determined Alphas have been working hard to narrow it down day by day.

Whether or not they will be able to dislodge their main rivals from top slot remains to be seen. The only certain thing is that both teams desperately want to finish first this week so it will be a hard-fought contest whatever happens.

Only the top three teams have more than one billion points, with third placed Lucky 13 the other member of the gang this week. Renegades, in fourth, are the only other team able to book a place at this table before the current game ends tomorrow night but it looks like they will have to remain content with fourth spot this week.

Lower down the table, CSN and Dream Team have swapped positions but it is not too late for them to flip once more as the gap between them is quite narrow.

Elsewhere In To Win are the only Competitive League team in the overall Top Ten, having risen five places from last week. They will move up a league based on their performance this week but will need to work even harder next week if they are to stay up.

Ultimate Surf Warriors and AdKreator are the other two teams in a position to move up this week but neither team has enough points to remain there.

Lucky13 Too and Surfaholics Bravo neck and neck in CTP Teams S2 W3 D6

Lucky 13 Too now have four members which surprises me, I thought they would attracted more members by now. They are currently one place ahead of last week but SurfAholics Bravo are less than 80,000 points behind them in 25th spot overall.

Week three of season two is on the final straight – good luck everyone and have fun.

20 responses to “Determined Alphas Close In On Hard To Shift Ubers”

  1. Lynn M says:

    Well, I can clear up the mystery/surprise to you about Lucky 13 Too. The Too team is strictly a backup “B” team at present, so that members from the main Lucky 13 team that need to take a leave of absence of sorts or are unable to do much surfing are still able to remain part of the overall team.

    It frankly was never really intended to be a competitive team, though it may perhaps one day shift in that direction. We had/have teammates that needed to take a break or just do less overall that we didn’t want to lose from the team overall, and we needed some space freed up on the “A” team, that’s all, really.

    We are happy to look over any interested applicants and some that may want to give it a shot may be put on the team, but we also don’t want the Too team filled up as we may need spaces for current “A” team members down the line.

    That was, bottom line, our intention for the Too team all along. People needs breaks or a downshift in activity but don’t want to leave the team nor do we want to lose them – Lucky 13 Too was the solution for that.

    Any folks that generally do the DC most days and surf promos are more than welcome to send me a message on CTP or apply for the main Lucky 13 team, and should indeed apply for the main Lucky 13 team (instead of the Too team) if they’re wanting to do the usual daily Teams surfing stuff. If we don’t have space for them on the main team at the time we can always sit them on the Too team until space is available, provided there’s room there too.

  2. Lynn M says:

    And oh yeah…. RE the Ubers vs the Alphas battle and what looks to be a near-impossibility to dislodge the Ubers from the #1 spot…

    I dunno, I wish the Alphas the best of luck with their push, but I think it’s grown awfully hard for much of anyone to compete with a 500%+ kingship bonus plus a 500%+ flag bonus on top of that.

    Granted, the Alphas’ bonus is large too, but with 422% flag bonus and only 70% King bonus… yeah, that’s pretty tough comparatively.

    All that said, this probably won’t be too popular, but I must admit I have begun to wonder if the only way to truly level the playing field among teams overall again is to eradicate those bonuses for either future weeks or future seasons.

    It’s my understanding that a lot of high % bonus kingships can’t likely get taken away as many of the kings were earned over years before CTP Teams existed – but whether that’s correct or not, the institution of those two bonuses could very well have already decided future outcomes indefinitely if the bonuses continue, and currently competitive folks and teams could understandably lose interest in that case.

    Just some thoughts, but been thinking perhaps a “back to basics” might be in order – surfing, Daily Challenges, Eggs, Vaults & Subs, etc. – so EVERY team can truly compete… and I’m not just saying that because I’m Lucky 13 and not an Uber or an Alpha. A majority of the other teams SHOULD be able to push for a top spot every week – but the playing field itself is seems wildly out of proportion at present with those humongous King and Flag bonuses.

    I’d like to see more people and more teams – and as many teams as possible – getting competitive and interested, and staying that way. The true value of the teams certainly isn’t on the scoreboard – if we were #30 instead of #3 right now, I’d still feel the stuff I get from being on my team is EXTREMELY valuable – but I suspect many of the teams that aren’t in the top three or five may be becoming less and less interested in the competition because those bonuses have made the field even more skewed and disproportionate than they were before.

    Maybe it’s time to revisit those ideas, if not this season, then the next? Just my $0.02 on it all…

  3. steven schofield says:

    I totally agreed with u Lynn.

  4. Tony Tezak says:

    I agree with my Leader. 🙂

  5. Stephen Whittle says:

    I agree with Sunny! Oh, yeah< i agree with Lynn Again too!

  6. Sig says:

    Interesting battles…and it looks like they are even outside the ctp team battle too..dont count me in on those battles, as I come in peace. Sharing this blog, and say good luck to ALL Teams…

  7. “Whether or not they will be able to dislodge their main rivals from top slot remains to be seen. The only certain thing is that both teams desperately want to finish first this week so it will be a hard-fought contest whatever happens.”

    Indeed and I know the Ubers are doing the best they can do. They work hard for it each and every week. WTG Ubers

  8. Victoria Stein says:

    What I notice is…none said thank you for any of their $cash$ winnings

    funny how kingships and bonus for badges is all the focus,..and none mention anything about extreme advantage of promo bonus not being reset,(and defined which team would win 1st season’s top prize)…if not K4, and held prior upgrade,…not receive 4 x the XP,..and so on and so forth,..too many owners on team,…one person has over 250 promos in less than a week’s time,..2 surfing as 1 on same team using same IP…..and badge hunts do have members that create badges that are nearly an impossible chance to ‘find’ when they are only made active on the final days if at all,…some have faster internet,..or gaming computers,..or can surf all day from work,..or all day from home…

    Pandora’s box

    unless some are winning,..they are whining…

    ( is all this really necessary?….shameless and sad that focus has become more about $ and winning,…than really forming quality relationships between all the various team players, and how we can work toward our individual goals together through networking )

    • Great post Victoria.

      Nor did they post or were they worried about the whole CTP teams competition when it were just two teams fighting with billions on the top and the other teams far behind.

      Let’s not open the pandora’s box completely and focus on what we can influence.

      You are an Uber of the first hour and a great asset for our team. Honored to have you as Uber Victoria.

    • Howard Fullmer says:

      I dont think all of us are just focusing on winning and money some of my favorite people to talk to in the TE chats are amoung other teams.

      I think of this battle as just fun competition to see what can happen when people work together as a team.

  9. Joao Ramos says:

    This brings to my memory when the egg had the bonus.
    Lucky 13 had the bonus and everyone came out and cry and shout “IT’S NOT FAIR”. The result was TT removed the bonus from the egg.

    Every week we won, some players of other teams said it wasn’t fair!!
    I ask again: Why? Can’t we win a week or two? Or even the season?
    What does the other players have against us? Can’t we be the team that have more fun in the competition?!

    Good luck to all teams.

    Go Lucky 13

  10. Kendra Morgan says:

    My point of view is this:

    TimTech sponsors the team competition, therefore, they get to make the rules and change the rules as they see fit.

    Every time someone says, “It’s not fair.”, we get that much closer to TimTech saying, “It’s not worth all this, let’s shut it down.”

    I enjoy knowing I’m part of a team that is working together to achieve a common goal. It adds a new, enjoyable dimension to my daily surfing. I have gotten to know several people I wouldn’t have gotten to know without being on a team.

    My ADVICE is this:

    Let’s all just do our best and exploit every advantage as we discover them. When an advantage disappears, shrug it off and keep on trying. It is, after all, just a game.

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