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Meow Boom: Ignore Failures As You Search For Your Own Exploding Kittens

Meow Boom: Ignore Failures As You Search For Your Own Exploding Kittens

This is the second post of the day inspired by yesterday’s TELive.

During the show I mentioned a couple of recent blog posts by Lucky 13 team member and Sports Nerd Scott Wright where he spoke about fear of failure.

These posts are quite long but well worth reading and I will put links to them both below.

However the basic idea behind Scott’s posts was (i) discussing the idea how fear of failure had paralyzed him into inaction and stopped him doing the things he really wanted to do and (ii) how he proposed to overcome his fear.

When you don’t take action nothing happens. Period.

When you take action something happens. This could be good or bad. People might laugh at you, hate on you or hold you up to ridicule for example.

You may partially fail, spectacularly fail or never even quite finish what you started or you may have some success, moderate success or amazingly awesome success.

The point is you will never know until you try.

Jon mentioned Exploding Kittens in TELive. Exploding Kittens is a new card game of all things and it was launched on KickStarter yesterday.

The people behind it had hoped to reach their $10,000 funding target in 30 days…they reached it in 20 minutes.

As of now – just one day in to the campaign – they have done just a little better than ten grand…they have raised more than $1.6M…and more money comes in every minute.

Your goal is to find your own Exploding Kittens and if you have to fail once, twice, or 1,000 times along the way then…so what?

Exploding Kittens on KickStarter

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9 responses to “Meow Boom: Ignore Failures As You Search For Your Own Exploding Kittens”

  1. James Bain says:

    Not sure if cat lovers will like this

    Hit Promoters team

  2. Jon Olson says:

    Shows me that…Anything is possible in 2015.

    Hope people get inspired by stories like that and really see how the only real limits are the ones we put upon ourselves!!

  3. Marye says:

    Sometimes the ideas come so fast and are so vivid it will also lull you into inaction – hard to know where to start…

    PS: I’m not so sure I like the exploding felines but 🙂 wtg

  4. Karen Kuty says:

    I think the graphics for Exploding Kittens is what sold it (goat lovers have deep pockets–so I’ve heard).

  5. Glenn Witmer says:

    I didn’t mean to hurt the kitty, but I learned it in a game!!! lol

  6. Patricia Dean says:

    Exploding kittens, NO WAY

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