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Victorious Alphas Make It Two Out Of Two For Season Two

Victorious Alphas Make It Two Out Of Two For Season Two

CTP TEams Premier League top three at end of S2 W2

They have a new leader for the new season at CTP Teams and SurfAholics Alpha have already made their intentions known.

With two wins in the first two weeks, it looks like they want to claim this season every bit as much as they wanted Season One, which they won comfortably.

Interestingly this week, (well interesting for numbers fans at least) the Alphas finished about 1.5 billion points ahead of second placed Uber Surfers which, in turn, finished about 1.5 billion points ahead of third placed Lucky 13 which was also about 1.5 billion points ahead of fourth placed Renegades.

We also said goodbye to Kore4 which disbanded last week after some internal differences but I am sure many of its former members will find homes on other teams.

Very little separated fifth place Dream Team, Cash Surfing Network in sixth and seventh place WealthBuilders last week.

It was even closer for The Strays and Surf Lovers in places eight and nine but there was a significant gap between those two teams and tenth placed TE Racing League.

So now we are in week three of season two and the Premier League is back to its full compliment of ten teams with CSN, The Strays and the TE Racers all moving up from the Competitive League.

As there were only nine teams in the top league at the end of last week it was just the bottom two which moved down a league this week – Hunters and Surf To Earn.

Lucky 13 Too finished in 25th place overall last week, in their first week in the contest; now with three members it will be interesting to see what they can do this week.

As always, have a great week ahead on CTP teams and remember to have fun, build relationships and work together as a team.

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  1. Hi. I am Terry Allison. I am a SurfAholic…We are just roll’n along…Keep on truck’n SurfAholics!…

  2. Marye says:

    WTG to all Teams

  3. Raj G says:


    Enjoy n Have Fun

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