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It Is Now Two For Lucky 13 Too

It Is Now Two For Lucky 13 Too

Now two members for Lucky 13 Too

Lucky 13 Too is no longer a one man band, and to continue the musical analogy, it is now a duo.

Team leader John Brewer has been joined by Kevin Phillips and the two man band is racking up the points.

Currently in 23rd spot overall, and 14th in the Competitive League, this is another new team which has really hit the ground running.

It is up 39 places in just a couple or so days so once this team gets up to full strength it could be a rival for…Lucky 13. Now that would be interesting.


8 responses to “It Is Now Two For Lucky 13 Too”

  1. Tom Wacker says:

    Don’t think that I hadn’t had that very thought. John is certainly a capable leader, and will do a fine job recruiting. What happens when they are pushing us. Does anybody else hear The Twilight Zone theme playing???

  2. John Brewer says:

    If my team is fortunate enough to do so well as to compete with our parent team, the competition would be totally friendly and encouraging for both teams.

    The important thing for 13 Too is to keep the family strong and growing with outstanding people, building an extremely dynamic network.

    Go Lucky 13!

  3. Ken Wolff says:

    And that is the efforts of just 3 people…imagine how well the would do with 3 more people equally dedicated. 😀

  4. Karen Kuty says:

    Good for them! I hope that those who have 13 as their lucky number and are looking for a team find a home!

  5. Marye says:

    wtg – wish you all the best!

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