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Huge Numbers Vanish But Competition Remains Ultra Intense in CTP Teams

Huge Numbers Vanish But Competition Remains Ultra Intense in CTP Teams

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Even the most superficial glance at the leaderboard this week will show you that the really huge numbers of recent weeks are not being repeated this time round.

The 24-hour reset of the team bonuses saw to a decrease in overall team points but that does not mean the competition is any less intense…it remains just as strong as ever it was.

SurfAholics Alpha – now with a new leader in place – remain in top spot – with Uber Surfers about a billion points or so behind them and Lucky 13 about a billion points behind the Ubers.

Earlier in the week Ubers and Lucky 13 were neck and neck but Walter’s team has pulled ahead quite a bit in recent days. The question is whether they can continue the momentum or whether the Lucky 13 team will move into a higher gear for the home straight.

Only the top three teams have broken the one billion point barrier this week, another consequence of the bonus structure changes. Renegades in fourth place could do so but fifth place Dream Team probably have a little too much ground to make up.

A closer look at the leaderboard will show that from the mid Premier League to the bottom of the Competitive League there are clear bands with a lot of teams clumped together where any one of them could change position relatively easily.

This is exciting and shows that teamwork will help teams not only jump ahead of their nearest rivals but that they could leapfrog them by several places in many instances.

Cash Surfing Network, The Strays and TE Racing League hold the top three positions in the Competitive League respectfully and are all well ahead of the competition.

As we move towards the home straight for week two…good luck everyone.


12 responses to “Huge Numbers Vanish But Competition Remains Ultra Intense in CTP Teams”

  1. James Bain says:

    My Kore4 team is gone and I am now with Ultimate Surf Warriors

  2. Good for you James. I am glad you made it to a good team.
    I am sure you understand my reasons for disbanding The team. Way too much negativity and some of the emails I received were really destructive, so I thought best to let players find better teams to be on.
    Good luck to you I know you will be a force for any team you are on.

  3. Lynn M says:

    Sorry to see the Kore4 team disbanded, they gave us some amount of scare in recent weeks. We at Lucky 13 would certainly be open to hearing from any former Kore4 members that are looking for a home, drop me a note in CTP @lynnm if interested.

  4. Anton Parvov says:

    So sad, sorry to see the Kore4 team disbanded… ๐Ÿ™

  5. Glenn Witmer says:

    Last change folk…go go…

    Sorry to see kore4 gone

  6. Karen Kuty says:

    If the team play isn’t fun for the team members (and multiple e-mails with negativity would indicate so), then it makes sense to break up the team. Kudos to Gary for making a brave decision.

    This is supposed to be fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. keanujunkie says:

    my post is in regard to the competitive teams. the startxchange team i am on is so awesome i can’t explain how awesome they are!

    but competitive teams…..i feel totally the opposite.

    I think these competitive teams are ok but for those of us that have a real life, they are really not that much fun. I got kicked off a team last year because i was sick for a while, i wasn’t even online enough to email them. i found that terrible. the competitive nature is just kind of disgusting when you think about it, that one day you are on a team, working hard, then you get sick (i have a chronic illness now, but i didn’t have it diagnosed till october of last year) and you get tossed out like yesterday’s garbage.

    negativity is terrible, i agree, but that particular team wasn’t on top anyway. they could have let me stay. they had vacant slots and never filled them.

    a couple of weeks ago i felt good enough and found a small team. i brought it up a bunch of levels because i was home and had the time and energy to click. there are four of us. nobody really talks to one another. but on the other hand, nobody is looking to kick me out if i am not feeling well. they are on my ‘awesome’ list.

    so while you guys need to have fun with these teams, it is ok, but i think that people are far more important than these ‘challenges.’ clicking your life away…….

    i also have found that even though i dump a bunch of credits onto some of my sites at startxchange and others, they sit there for WEEKS not used up. i think it is because the hits are ‘cheapened’ by kore4. too many hits just hanging around and not enough people actually clicking through to see the sites. it wasn’t like that before kore4. i think it is interesting that the non-kore4 te’s use up my hits, but none of the kore4 ones do.

    so have your fun everyone. i still feel awful (AWFUL!!!!) that i got kicked from that team (and i will not mention their name), but they apparently think that sitting on their butts clicking is far more important than anything else in life.

    my startxchange team is AWESOME! and i love them all!

  8. Marye says:

    It happens and we move on – thank you Gary W for your leadership

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