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Breaking News: Matt Badura Steps Down As SurfAholics Alpha Leader

Breaking News: Matt Badura Steps Down As SurfAholics Alpha Leader

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Matt Badura has announced that he is to step down as leader of the top team in CTP Teams and hand over the reigns to Terry Allison.

Matt led SurfAholics Alpha to become the best team in the ultra competitive Premier League and under his leadership the Alphas have broken more records than any other team in the competition.

They more or less won just about everything there was to win and picked up the $3,000 Season One winner’s prize just a couple of weeks ago.

Matt said it was a tough decision to make but one that had to be made as he needs to free up time to focus on his offline business.

He will still be a member of the team, offering advice and assistance, as needed but will be taking much more of a back seat role.

Matt broke the news to team members and then explained his decision on a post on the @CTPSurfAholics blog.

He wrote: “I went into 2015 having set myself some goals, as I think all of us did. To accomplish these goals meant that I had to re-arrange how much time I spend where and how I get things done…

Sadness And Excitement

“As many all ready know, I do run a full time business offline and I do have ambitious goals to achieve. So today I came to my crossroad, choosing one way will enable me to achieve many of my goals, personal and team oriented.”

“It would be unfair of me to choose the way I want to, and try to hold on to some things that I need to let go. So it is with some sadness that I announce the stepping down as leader of the SAA but it is with excitement that I announce Terry Allison as my replacement.”

Taking an opportunity to praise the new Alphas leader, Matt said: “Since day 1 Terry has shown an intense commitment to our team, he is always there for team members and available more often than I am. Terry shares the vision for our team and I hope you give him the support he deserves.”

On a personal note I would like to say I will be very sad to see Matt go. I met him through CTP Teams and he has become a very good friend in that time.

This is further evidence that running a top team in CTP takes a lot of time and commitment but if that amount of time starts to interfere with business then it is time to reconsider.

Further reading: @ctpSurfAholics: On the highway of life we come to a crossroads.

30 responses to “Breaking News: Matt Badura Steps Down As SurfAholics Alpha Leader”

  1. Jon Olson says:

    This. Is Huge.

    Sad to see Matt leave the leadership position, but excited to see what Terry brings to the table.

    Matt, you were a pioneer bro. A legend.

    Good luck and all the best man.

  2. Joao Ramos says:

    Good luck on your 2015 goals Matt!

    Terry, good luck on your new challenge. šŸ™‚

  3. Jon says:

    No doubting what Matt did for CTP teams. I wish you luck in all your future endevours. If you put as much into those as you have here, you will definitely succeed in everything you do. All the best and good luck Matt šŸ™‚

  4. Victoria Stein says:

    A most valiant and impressive effort from a young entrepreneur off-line as well!

  5. Sig says:

    I know you as a man with goals, and you just dont stop as a teamleader without a good reason…

    And now I know you have a good one, its with respect I wish you all the best in the offline business.

    But I know we have not seen the last of you šŸ™‚

    Success Matt


  6. Sorry to see Matt go from the team leader position, however Matt will still remain a leader in a lot of areas, Good onya Matt

  7. Lynn M says:

    I hate to see you step down, Matt, but I’m very glad you’ll still be around. Certainly wishing you the best with your offline endeavors and you certainly as a now former leader have left a legacy to be proud of with the SAs. And you’re a darn nice guy to boot, I am happy you became a part of CTP Teams in the first place and gave us all the opportunity to get to know you. Cheers! šŸ™‚

  8. Howard Fullmer says:

    I respect your decision to step down as leader you are a great leader I wish you lots of luck on your offline business and I am happy you are still within the team. And I wish to congratulate Terry on becoming new Leader.

  9. Hi. I am Terry Allison. I am a SurfAholic…Six-gun Salute to Matt!…Fire!…Fire!…Fire!…Fire!…Fire!…Fire!…Matt is a rock’n SurfAholic!…

  10. Karen Kuty says:

    Good luck, Matt!

  11. Ken Wolff says:

    Stay in touch Matt I know that you will. It is great to know you as a friend in CTP and wish you the best in your offline business as well.

  12. Cathrine says:

    I will miss you Matt……

  13. Hey Matt! I am in the same situation as you, so I totally understand your decision. I know first hand that sometimes it becomes nearly impossible to have a human life putting so much effort in your offline business as well as in the online one, let alone being a CTP team leader. My best wishes for achieving everything you have planned, offline and online.

  14. To all of you and all my friends,
    There has much talk on my team accusing CTP of changing the rules to hurt our team (Team Kore 4) Ta;l of changing the name wanting new leadership and many other things that were not becoming to our competition. So I have said my goodbyes and the team has been disbanded. It was a hoot, but all the negativity is not my way.
    Gary K Waters

    • Jon Olson says:

      Sorry to hear that man, and for everyone that reads this…TimTech is not changing rules to HURT any one team, or picking on a team, or going against a certain team….We’re trying to make this level for everyone, an even playing ground.

      That’s it. No secrets. No good ol’ boys club. It’s for everyone.

  15. Patricia Dean says:

    Matt, have fun increasing your business.

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