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Team Spotlight: Lucky 13 Has Two Openings But Are You A Good Fit?

Team Spotlight: Lucky 13 Has Two Openings But Are You A Good Fit?

Currently in third spot in the Premier League, Lucky 13 is one of the big hitters in CTP Teams. It finished second last week and only some really intense work from SurfAholics Alpha kept it from the top spot.

The team is led by Tom Wacker the only man on the entire planet who can boast of being, albeit briefly, Emperor of TimTech…and a mighty fine emperor he was too but that is another story.

Anyway he is letting it be known that there are currently two openings on the team so if you are all about just how many points you can rack up…then you had better not apply.

Don’t get me wrong here…gaining points is good but a good CTP Team is about much more than that.

Well I could explain it but Tom has already done so in a blog post. For a rather fascinating insight into how one of the top team leaders thinks then click on the screenshot from Tom’s blog below…

Tom Wacker Team DimensionsWhat are your thoughts on Tom’s thoughts. I would love to know.


40 responses to “Team Spotlight: Lucky 13 Has Two Openings But Are You A Good Fit?”

  1. John Brewer says:

    Yes, Lucky 13 is a special place to be. We are not just any “team,” we are a family. As a family we all know that we are in it for the long haul and each of us do as much as we can.

    So… if you want to join our family you must understand that while we are all easy going and friendly, we do expect the best that you have to give.

    I am honored to be on Team Lucky 13 and would advise anyone who thinks they have what it takes to be one of us to give us a try. Slackers please stay away 🙂

  2. they are holding out for the best.

  3. Sheikh M. Anees says:

    I like the name of the team . And Best of luck Guys

  4. Lucky13 – could be their day tomorrow!

  5. Matt Badura says:

    Agreed Keith, I wonder if they did anything to go along with Friday the 13th???

  6. On Tom’s blog post I left this reply:

    Great piece Tom; short succinct and to the tip of it. Bravo a man of few words, but powerful ones!

  7. Charlotte Ericson says:

    As John said Lucky 13 is more than a team, it’s a family. Every member is important and all are helpful but most of all we have an exceptional leader. Lucky 13 is the best choice I made since I joined CTP when it launched.

  8. Boris says:

    Well, Tom told me during a conversation couple of days ago “We don’t need everything [from our members], just the best.”
    I think that is the essence of our team, doing the best we can do every day.

  9. Friday the 13th and 2 openings. . .

    Sounds like something special is coming up to fill those spots.

  10. Good post Tom. Keep it rocking.


  11. Abdellah says:

    Go team Go !

  12. This is a very attractive offer. It really expresses what we feel and what we are trying to get across to our team. Thumbs up on working together as a team and not always trying to go for the TOUCH-DOWN.

  13. Anne Bergman says:

    I have not been so active this week, but I love my family Lycky 13

  14. mmcadmintx says:

    I read Tom’s blog this morning and really enjoyed, I hope others get some food for thought from his post…

  15. Virginia Herron says:

    I’m very curious about who will fill those spots :).

  16. Raj G says:

    Great way of putting across the right message…

    Cheers to Lucky 13.
    ~ Raj

  17. Sig says:

    An other good reading.

    Gotta love this…More and more!!


  18. R. Van Sky says:

    They could be very dangerous. I love danger. A very good group indeed

  19. Selya Rollins says:

    Great insight Tom, especially the team planned strategy.

  20. What I see when I look at Lucky 13 is that they are all working together and not any of them is totally carrying the load. They are more even in their load than some teams. Keep up the good work lucky 13

  21. Lynn M says:

    Go Lucky 13! And Elaine is right, the load is pretty much distributed evenly… not necessarily equally, because we only want everyone to contribute what they are able every week. As long as they are contributing and not a bare minimum, it’s cool…. and we don’t have a lot of rules and we have a TON of fun in our team gatherings. Go Lucky 13!

  22. Well good luck it dosn’t help when mugs like me reject an offer to join this team, but they look strong contenders in the long run.

  23. Ken Wolff says:

    Thank you Patric for posting this shining example of what we should all strive for. At first I thought I should do as some of the cats have done and sneak out the window and join a team that seems to fit with my way of thinking…I am not saying that everyone should think like I do but rather be open to the thoughts of others and strive to help each other to become the best that we can be.

  24. Karen Kuty says:

    Great attitude, Tom & great post, Patrick! Both reflect excellent leadership. Good luck Team Lucky 13, but, as always, I’ve gotta say… go Team Wake Up Now!

  25. Shawn W says:

    Good luck lucky 13!

  26. If I wasnt too busy Indulging Myself I would apply 🙂

  27. THOMAS GERHOLD says:

    keep up the good work lucky 13 !

  28. Wendy says:

    Good Lucky 13 and I enjoy your team blog.

  29. Tom makes a good team leader

  30. Stephen Whittle says:

    Looking forward to welcoming our new members! Go Team 13!

  31. Sig says:

    I think they would get on a good team and a great teamleader those who get those spots.

    Wonder if they will do special good today (they should) Friday 13th 😀


  32. Shawn W says:

    Keep it up!

  33. Anton Parvov says:

    Good luck to all teams!

  34. Bob Pizor says:

    Like previously stated, we only expect people to contribute what they can to better the team and themselves. There are many ways to be a contributor to the team, even if you aren’t a huge surfer. We have a great time in the team skype room, and I am anxiously awaiting the newest team members.

    GO LUCKY 13

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