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CTP Teams News: Promo XP Award Now Resets On Daily Basis

CTP Teams News: Promo XP Award Now Resets On Daily Basis

CTP Teams page showing team bonus box

As you will know, teams get an XP bonus each time their members completes a sub game or opens either the gold or silver vaults.

This is how it works:

Every completed Vault or SubGame adds 50XP Bonus the next time a team member completes a Vault or SubGame.

You can see your team’s current bonus by checking your team’s home page and it will show up (see the image above.) You will be able to see this bonus amount for your own team but not for rival teams.

The major change about this award is that from today it will reset on a daily basis at 8am Eastern.

Last season the bonuses were allowed to accumulate for the entire season but from this season onwards they are to become a daily award.


49 responses to “CTP Teams News: Promo XP Award Now Resets On Daily Basis”

  1. John Brewer says:

    Very interesting!

    Never a dull moment on CTP Teams huh?

    Not bad.

  2. Hi,

    I was just wondering why this didn’t happen at the beginning of the season and not the 2nd week in?

    Or is there some cosmic re-balancing going on with the introduction of the flag bonuses last week that had too much new year cheer and over indulged on the chocolates? πŸ˜€

  3. OK, guys, I am not obsessed with first place, but there is no way I can tolerate somethign not being fair. You reset the bonuses today, no problem with that. The BIG problem is that the scores for this week have not been recalculated. This means that the first team has an XP lead that should be about 10 times less if reset was done on time. Now we have a hybrid situation that is in an unfair advantage of the leading team. It is simple math. If you don’t recalculate the scores, there is no point in trying to catch up.

    • Evelyn Kramer says:

      This kind of burned me. And I lost out on about 6mil points just for my surfing plus more for my team. Thing is I think it evens out in the end.
      The top teams have and will get more because they are positioned to do so and they coordinate their plan of attack each week. We all need to learn how to do that. (shrug)

    • Boris says:

      You mean same as last week? when you got 7000+ on a flag bonus?

  4. James Bain says:

    I am just surfing. Am clueless on some of the internal bonuses.

    Seems fair.

  5. I was excited when I heard the news from Tim on twitter. WTG

  6. Jon says:

    Why wasn’t the bonus reset at CTP server reset? And why was it announced at very short notice?

  7. Yeah, we’re all complaining why this thing didn’t happen at the beginning of the week, or even better, at the beginning of the season.

    However this doesn’t mean SAA winnings and advantages are unfair. We would win anyway. πŸ˜‰

    • Sabrina and the rest of the Alphas, this is not personal. My problem is not that you are ahead. You have been ahead since ages and I never complained about that. Why should I? I am only saying that TT cannot reset the bonuses during the week without recalculating the score accumulated before the reset.

  8. In all seriousness though this isn’t the time for trash talking.

    This does need to be addressed, only so many times can hands be held up and “whoops sorry” be said.

    Yes it’s a “game” it brings the community together.

    But there are times like this you just want to tear your hair out.

    Yes a reset is fair, no denying that, but hey timing is everything.

    I’m not just saying that as one of the ubers, ALL teams are affected here.

    • Exactly, Richard. And, if TimTech is going to reset everything, they need to reset everything, the kingships as well.

    • Jon Olson says:

      What Janelle stated below…Guaranteed we will say ‘Oooops sorry’ again.

      We aren’t perfect, never claimed to be. When things get broke, we fix it and we show up everyday.

      But there are days when things get messed up. It’s never our intention to mess things up, but we do at times.

      It’s a bump in the road and we know how passionate people are about teams. Hopefully this gets it sorted for now and we can move on.

  9. Controversial Terry but hey definitely food for thought.

  10. Matt Badura says:

    All though this does take away a huge advantage we had for all the work we did in Season 1, I am not complaining about it, it does make things even for everyone and I do like it that way.

    However, if the advantage earned During season 1 is being reset then why are you keeping the advantage that was earned before CTP Teams even started?

    Yes I am talking about the kingship badge bonus.
    If the intention is to draw in new players and make it fair for everyone, get rid of the Kingship Bonus.

    It is virtually impossible to take away the kingship from those that have been collecting the same badges for 2 + years before CTP Teams even started.

    Just saying if you want to make things fair for the new players, then do so all the way.

  11. Glenn Witmer says:

    The only constant in life is change!!!!

  12. Janelle says:

    I understand that some people are and will be upset. The bottom line is – you guys know who we are. We’re not out to cheat anyone. Some mistakes happened, we did our best to correct the with the understanding that we cannot please everyone.

    The question was asked above how many times “oops sorry” can be said. Well, I am going to go out on a limb and say….it will probably be said again because…we’re human. We make mistakes. But we fix them as soon as we notice them.

    Our goal is to make this fun, fair and challenging for the community. Thank you to everyone who continues to support us and our endeavours.

  13. Jon says:

    I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Alphas on winning the second season of CTP Teams. You were fine adversaries for the first week at least πŸ˜‰

  14. Tom Wacker says:

    But wait, there’s more. At least I’m pretty sure there will be. πŸ™‚

    Let me see. The promo bonuses were re set. At the same time for everybody, I’m sure. How does that translate as an unfair advantage? I mean it’s not like a very late forming team got a huge bonus or anything….

    It’s changed. Build a bridge. Get over it.

    Jeeze. It’s a game. Play it or watch it. It’s that easy.

    • Tom, please allow me to explain where the unfair is. Let’s assume that a team was before the reset 1 billion XP ahead. Let us also assume that before the reset a promo gave a team 10 million XP. In order to bridge the gap between the two teams 100 promos would be needed. Now, after the reset, a promo is worth say 1 million XP. Now the second team needs 1000 promos to bridge the gap. That is why I am saying that the scores accumulated for this week before the reset should be recalculated. I hope it is clear now.

      • Jon says:

        A very late forming team may or may not have got an advantage but an early rising team (or a team with members in a time zone that do most of their surfing before the reset) would gain a huge advantage, as has been demonstrated. This smacks of bad, bad, bad timing by TimTech. If they wanted to introduce this measure then do it at the contest reset time. Or better still, do it before the new season starts.

        • Kendra Morgan says:

          I just have to say that the UBER SURFERS are proof that any perceived advantage can be over come. Ubers started late in season 1 and were consistently in the top 5, even making premier league in the 2nd or 3rd week.

          There are always going to be changes. Look for a way to use it to your advantage instead of always looking to see if it was done “fair” enough.

          And always remember: The harder you work, the luckier you get.

  15. Ok, so let me just say this….if ya’all are whining and complaining about something like this, take a look in the mirror, and re-evaluate your life and what is really important. Ya’ all act like changes in the world never happen. I suppose every time the government changes the tax law and you’re going to take a hit, you’re on the phone to the IRS whining and complaining.
    Get over it already and just drive on.

  16. Lynn M says:

    Wow. So the 7000% glitch occurred and nothing was reset when it was fixed, but the negative feedback about this new change appear to be far outweighing whatever there was last week.

    Oh, wait… that’s right. The only team that was truly extremely adversely affected by the 7000% glitch last week was Lucky 13, which was in 2nd place before the glitch.

    Things happen and you deal with it and carry on. Lucky 13 has had to deal with that more than just a few times since April 2014. We’re just gonna do what we do and keep on keepin’ on. *shrug*

    • All teams were affected by that glitch there were no unfair advantages for any of them. This is a different story. I’m not sure if you noticed but the fast rising happened after the glitch. But yes the huge gap is a hard pill to swollow for you it seems.

      • Lynn M says:

        That’s not true. The Ubers’ increase during that hour affected our standing for the rest of the week, but believe what you wish to, Walter.

        We all privately discussed it within our team and with TimTech, didn’t complain about it much publicly, and moved on and carried on.

        Point being stuff happens, deal with it and move on. Something Lucky 13 has gotten very good at in the past nine months, and I hope all the teams that feel they were adversely affected by this week’s events find it within themselves to do that too.

        • Lynn M says:

          (And I also didn’t say that ALL teams were not affected. I said that Lucky 13 was the only one that was EXTREMELY adversely affected.)

          (And I’m pretty much through commenting on this post as to continue would be beating a dead horse IMO. Best of luck to all this week.)

  17. Victoria Stein says:

    it is life’s ‘unfairness’…that may be just the tepid waters needed to bring about the better change needed…

    We are ‘all’ on this same team called ‘life’…it is not what lies behind us,..rather what lies ahead!

  18. There are some very interesting comments that were made by several people in this thread!

    Someone said that it is just a game. Well, there is money involved for the top teams, so I can see where it is more than a game when there is money at the end of the season. (Which I learned very late during last season, BTW, lol! Prior to that, I thought it was just a game too!) πŸ™‚

    Here are my votes:

    1. At reset next week, the kingships and the Flags on Badges should be reset.
    This should have been done before the season started. It’s a new season, so everyone should start on the same level. These should be reset at the start of each season, like all the other bonuses).

    2. I agree that it is a very good idea to award XP and bonuses for referring people to CTP.

    3. The XP points should be reset to zero at the start of each week.
    (Oh, wait, they are already, right! LOL!)

    Just my 2 cents!

  19. Sig says:

    Give me a Burger and my power and internet connection back stabile, aint fun read all this interesting stuff in the dark…

    Anyway Interesting indeed…

  20. Mary Goble Thomas says:

    Lucie, Terry, and Matt, I totally agree with you! Since promo bonuses were reset, all kingships on badges should also be reset (and the reset should be announced in advance to give all a chance).

    I did like the accumulation of the promo bonuses – it rewarded consistent effort. I was expecting the promo bonuses to be reset at the start of Season 2, but I thought they would accumulate for Season 2 like they did for Season 1.


  21. Karen Kuty says:

    I think this makes it possible for all teams to be more competitive. Regardless of any hiccups in implementation, I like it!

    • Jon says:

      I fully agree Karen, it’s just the timing that sucks. Why it was reset over 7 days into a new season is beyond me. The slate should have been wiped clean at midnight eastern on the 5th.

  22. John Brewer says:

    Well…. as far as TimTech goes, they are a “straight-up” bunch of guys and gals. They do something “wrong,” they admit it, take ownership of it, try to fix it as best they can and they drive on.

    CTP Teams was a mastermind of an idea. Yes, things happened that was not so “fair,” but hey – such is life. In the end IT IS A GAME that we all voluntarily play – and we don’t even have to be Kore4 to play – just to lead a team.

    Come on folks.

    Get real.

    I guess I can be glad I have too many REAL problems to deal with which gives me less time to follow all of this drama.

    I like the game and I love my Team Lucky 13 and am honored to be on it.

    Come on folks – get real.

  23. Ken Wolff says:

    Wow! Such passion! I got passion too, but I am glad I am not in this just for the points and placing in the top position. I like doing that too but there is so much more to what we are doing. This is all very educational and fun. Stuff happens in life and we adjust and make the most of it. Everyone have a great week. πŸ˜€

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