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Who Let The Cats Out, Miaow, Miaow, Miaow, Miaow?

Who Let The Cats Out, Miaow, Miaow, Miaow, Miaow?

It seems that something is missing from Crazy Cats People!…like quite a few cats.

Clearly overnight someone left that small window above the kitchen sink open and, one by one, they hopped onto the draining board, jumped up onto the window ledge and silently dropped down into the cool night air.

With tails pointing straight up into the air, and as one, they melted away into the night in search of pastures new. Crazy Cats People! are currently down to ten members who are able to see an open window and resist jumping through it. No doubt they will be recruiting for new members soon enough.

At first I thought SurfAholics – Alpha were behind the move…after all this splash page has just recently appeared…

surfaholics cats need new home splash page…but if you click on the image above, it leads to the team blog so it seems that the page was a response, and a very quick response at that, to the events of last night.

However the runaway kitties don’t seem to have been tempted by Team Alpha’s advances…they have already set up on their own…but more about that in the next post.


29 responses to “Who Let The Cats Out, Miaow, Miaow, Miaow, Miaow?”

  1. R. Van Sky says:

    Chasing the catnip maybe? The world may never know, maybe Jim does.

  2. Matt Badura says:

    CTP Teams is so much fun, good luck to “The Strays” all ready making a very quick run towards the Premier League. Wicked Cool.

  3. Stephen Whittle says:

    Guess they have better catnip?

  4. Raj G says:

    It’s so sad to lose teammates…
    However, its always encouraging to start something new…


  5. Lynn M says:

    It was very interesting to watch things unfold as they did during the evening last night. Although I have no dog in the specific hunts (other than the fact they’re both opposing teams), I have some very mixed feelings about what we witnessed and some of the rumors abounding. In any case, it will be very interesting for the remainder of the week and the weeks to come, I’m sure…

    And what a way with words you have, Patrick… great telling of the tale!

  6. It was very interesting to watch
    You do have away with words Patrick

  7. Charlotte Ericson says:

    I really enjoy reading your posts, you are an artist, a great writer. It will be interesting to see how this will turn out but good that the stray cats found a new home

  8. Wow that is open window news! Stray cats and bad monkeys…what’s next?


  9. The “strays” are “strutting”…getting ready to “rock this town” no doubt…

    We “won’t stand in their way”….

    (how many more titles can I fit in this post? 😀 )

  10. […] are celebs! Patrick has written 2 blog posts about our escape in the night. Check them out HERE then HERE! It looks like we drew the attention of CTP lol Please feel free to comment to get some […]

  11. The Bonz Brigade has a few openings and will welcome new members as well as jumpers!

  12. Patrick, as was stated above, you truly are a wordsmith! You have inspired me to start writing again. For this I thank you. Post book publishing I was quite tired from all that entails just to get to that point, I grew weary and put my pencil down. Yes, I still write in hard copy first, computers are a distraction. Alas, I ramble. Thank you Patrick for waking up my Muse!

  13. Georgia says:

    It is good to mix it up a bit and search for new adventures

  14. Howard Fullmer says:


  15. Virginia Herron says:

    We wanted to stick together. No hard feelings toward Nathan, we merely had a difference of opinion.

  16. Sig says:

    aaah, good to see the Catnip I did drop out, worked 😀

    Good luck and success..keep the windows open…who knows, maybe even we Alphas will let one of you in 😉

  17. This could be like the beginning of NBA when the players are “sold and salaries are negotiated” He who has the best offer might get the team member.

  18. Anton Parvov says:

    The Bonz Brigade has a few openings and will welcome new members!

  19. I hope the Ovendogs are not on the prowl!

  20. mmcadmintx says:

    Thanks Patrick for a nicely worded post….Good Luck to the newly created “The Strays”

  21. It’s all gone to the cats and dogs, hmpf now all we need is rain.

  22. Karen Kuty says:

    There are bound to be shake-ups amongst the teams–it’s part of the excitement, especially when you try to herd cats….

  23. Shawn W says:

    Uh Oh 🙂

  24. Cats are fickle, independant and dont like doing what is expected of them, in fact Cats are Cwazy

  25. Wendy says:

    Nothing is more important than teamwork. That’s what cats wish.

  26. lol drama in CTP teams world

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