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Tom Wacker Compares Traffic Exchanges To Restaurants

Tom Wacker Compares Traffic Exchanges To Restaurants

I like metaphors and I also like extended metaphors as long as they are done well.

Former Lucky 13 leader Tom Wacker has used his blog to compare really badly-run traffic exchanges to a really badly-run restaurant.

He keeps the metaphor going in a blog post which is genuinely laugh-out-loud funny, but as is often the case with humor, there is a serious message which underlies the entire post.

There are too many bad restaurants in this world…ones you would just take one look at and move on down the street.

There are also too many bad traffic exchanges in the world…ones that really don’t deserve any customers at all.

So check out Tom’s post…have a laugh and never, ever, feel tempted to open a bad TE of your own. There are far too many out there already.

Further Reading: Tom Wacker.com – If TEs Were A Restaurant

5 responses to “Tom Wacker Compares Traffic Exchanges To Restaurants”

  1. Walter Mulder says:

    Toms blog post is a must read for new and excisting TE owners.

  2. James Bain says:

    Good comments

  3. Marye says:

    Great analogy Tom and 🙂 Funny as hell…

  4. This post by Tom was a truly well thought out, creative piece of writing that all should take the time to read, Well done Tom

  5. Glenn Witmer says:

    Tom makes a great point in a funny way…keep up the good work

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