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The Day I Got A Virtual Tour Of Justin’s Big Chair

The Day I Got A Virtual Tour Of Justin’s Big Chair

So I made it back to Justin’s house the other day…well kind of anyway.

Tim and Larry turned up at Justin’s place for a business meeting and I made a guest appearance by webcam.

Look here I am in a picture that Tim tweeted out yesterday:

That is me in Justin’s super reclining massage chair…it is like the first class seat of an airline except with more buttons to press and much more functions.

However do you want to know the real irony about all this? Well when I actually was at Justin’s house in November I didn’t once take the opportunity to try out his chair!


9 responses to “The Day I Got A Virtual Tour Of Justin’s Big Chair”

  1. Ha ha that’s a way to do virtual meetings 🙂

  2. Lynn M says:

    Patrick, I cannot BELIEVE you didn’t try out that thing when you were there. After exchanging greetings and whatever other arrival necessities needed doing, that would have been my first request upon entering Casa de Ledvina!!!

  3. Howard Fullmer says:

    I want to sit in a virtual chair that is created from a hologram

  4. Victoria Stein says:

    one could always try to play for the sheer sympathy aspect….oh,..my ‘aching back,…my weary legs and feet….my sore shoulders…….

    have any ideas their Justin for a worn out traveler?

    p.s., Barbershops take note!

  5. Marye says:

    well you DID show up — you should definitely get the chair of honor there..lol

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