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Member Focus: Robert Arnold And His sKore XP Game

Member Focus: Robert Arnold And His sKore XP Game

TE Racing League now gives bonus XP based on user's sKore in CTPWe love it when someone takes an existing feature at CTP and really makes it their own…especially when others can benefit from their creativity.

And this is exactly what Robert Arnold has done over at TE Racing League.

Robert has come up with a really neat twist on the XP giveaway model…he has linked it to the member’s sKore in CTP.

For those unfamiliar with sKore it is a number you can find on your CTP profile page immediately below your picture and there is a blog post explaining sKore at the end of this article.

What Did Robert Do?

Ok so enough background, let’s get into what Robert did here…and he has been quite busy.

He has ten tiered surf badges at TE Racing League (TERL) ranging from a 50 page view badge right up to a 10,000 page view badge.

The first five badges (50, 100, 250, 500 and 1,000) are already the super awesome XP badges where you automatically get an XP bonus for claiming them.

However on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays there will be additional XP available for CTP Team members on ALL the incremental surf badges with the amount awarded based on your sKore:

Badge    Points/XP

50    1 x sKORE
100    2 x sKORE
250    3 x sKORE
500    4 x sKORE
1000    5 x sKORE
2000    6 x sKORE
3000    7 x sKORE
4000    8 x sKORE
5000    9 x sKORE
10000    10 x sKORE

Now Gain Even More XP

And as if that wasn’t cool enough on its own then on Saturdays, those amounts are TRIPLED.

It get’s even better because at the end of the week, the TOP 5 sKORE earnings will be awarded even more bonus XP. (The amounts may change each week, but base amounts are 50K, 40K, 30K, 20K, 10K)

XP Cars

Gain bonus XP at TERacingLeague for collecting car badges

If you are familiar with TE Racing League then you will notice that there are quite a few car badges to collect.

The good news for CTP members is that when they claim the car badges they will get a bonus of 100XP per badge. On Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays the bonus is doubled to 200 XP.

So could there be any more?

Well actually yes…the TERL Badge Bonus.

For each Tiered Incremental Badge claimed, members will receive surf ratio bonus as follows:
50    1%
100     2%
250     3%
500     5%
1000     10%
2000     20%
3000    30%
4000    40%
5000    50%
10000    100%

It looks like Robert has been busy coming up with cool bonuses for his members. There could not be a better example of what TE owners can do to set themselves apart from the competition while looking after their members at the same time.

Awesome stuff indeed.

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Badge bonus at TERacing League

13 responses to “Member Focus: Robert Arnold And His sKore XP Game”

  1. Robert has been very creative with this and given it an unique twist.
    Well done Robert.

  2. James Bain says:

    I may be going to surf at TE racing more now.

  3. Jon Olson says:

    This…..Is absolutely brilliant!

    Love seeing things like this, it just ooooooozes creativity 🙂

  4. Patricia Dean says:

    Very creative

  5. Hi. I am Terry Allison. I am a SurfAholic…I love those cars!…Robert does a great job of creating and promoting!

  6. Karen Kuty says:

    Sounds like Robert has been having fun thinking of ways to drive people to his site. WTG!

  7. Karen says:

    I love this idea, TERL is great at implementing new features to keep members engaged and coming back time and again. Here is another good example of Robert’s forward thinking and rewarding members, job well done. 😀

  8. Lynn M says:

    This is really brilliant. I surfed a great deal at TERL overnight so I got to see Robert’s new thing in action for myself after I claimed the incremental badges. VERY sweet!

  9. John Brewer says:

    Oh man oh man oh man oh man! How cool is that! Amazing stuff!!!
    I wish more TE owners would be half as creative as Arnie is. TERL is most certainly one of the most inovative TEs around!

  10. Marye says:

    very creative- way to use the ol’ noggin… 🙂

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