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Team Leaders Must Communicate Effectively With Their Members

Team Leaders Must Communicate Effectively With Their Members

If you are one of the top teams in CTP Teams then this post is not for you because everything I am about to say is already happening.

Today I want to state what should be blindingly obvious for all but perhaps is not.

Teams work by teamwork and teamwork works best when there is effective communication between all team members.

The responsibility for ensuring there is an effective communication strategy must lie with the team leader.

The team leader needs to talk to his or her team members on a regular basis to ensure everybody on the team knows what they should be doing. Everyone on a team should have a role to play and know what that role is so that it can be performed efficiently.

Without effective communication team members will feel isolated, unloved and perhaps even unwanted. Team cohesion will break down and the team will begin to fall apart.

However with good communication the opposite will happen and we see examples of teams which are communicating effectively week in and week out in CTP Teams.

I know some of the top teams have spoken about their communication strategies on their team blogs which, by the way, is a great tool for communicating with your team.

If you are a team leader and not communicating with your members then you need to put this right as a matter of urgency.

If you are a team member and have not heard from your leader for some time then perhaps it is time to get in touch and ask what is going on.

Remember that it is a new season so there is still everything to play for at CTP Teams.

23 responses to “Team Leaders Must Communicate Effectively With Their Members”

  1. Walter Mulder says:

    Nah, communication is overrated. It only distracts from the surfing. All you need to do as a teamleader is shout: “surf you stupid!” J/k

    Haha. No. Communication is vital for teambuilding. Start a skype group and share experiences (“what are you doing to get that many points” “hey should it work if we tried this..” make jokes about the competition etc) not all team members may be on skype or don’t want to join a skype group luckely there is also a team chat function in CTP. Don’t let the team chat be a ghost town but use it to your advantage.

    One of my new year resulutions was to send out a team message every day of the competition to share observations, ideas that were mentioned in the skype group and ventilate feelings. The team message function in CTP is a powerful function (though a little bit hidden so if you can’t find it…good the less team leaders mail their team the better lol)

    Not everyone is a fan of blogging. I’ve tried to blog several times but never manage to get far. Thankfully in the Uber Surf team we have blogging talent like Mary, Randy S and Richard. I very much look forward to their 2015 contributioj and I ocassionaly will try to post as well (another New Years resolution I don’t hope to break). It can really be motivational for the team.

    And communication works both ways. Maybe if you have a teamleader that does not communicate with you and you see on their CTP profile they haven’t logged into CTP, they definately don’t take CTP as serious as you do, and it might be time to jump ship and look for a team that does communicate.

    Having said that I noticed that there are some teams with little or no points earned. Maybe time to disband the teams so the members can join a serious team?

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      Good points – although I thought everyone knew about team messaging.
      Maybe I am not doing my job well enough…I will put up a post here about the feature on Monday to take care of that.

  2. Karen says:

    I agree, our team leader Evelyn is the driving force and glue of the team, she rewards, helps and keeps in constant contact with us. She genuinely cares about us and if we had a different leader I can honestly say I’m not sure we would do as well as we do. So thanks Evelyn and all the members of wealthbuilders you guys rock. 🙂

  3. Lynn M says:

    I agree that constant and effective communication is a must, fortunately a very large percentage of our team frequents our Skype room (and there’s always room for more if they wish) and that’s been a big factor in how consistently cohesive our team is and pretty much always has been.

    We also make use of the team chat in CTP, although with so many in the Skype room sometimes the team chat is somewhat overlooked, though usually at least one person who frequents the Skype room is in there daily at some point, especially if there’s something “big” going on.

    I have been making use of CTP messages by PM for updates & info for the benefit of those who aren’t or can’t use the Skype room (or aren’t in there very often), and have some one-on-one convos frequently with non-Skype-room team members. Tom was also an excellent effective communicator before me, and I believe spent quite a bit of one-on-one time with non-Skype team members.

    My basic plan for this season is once, and perhaps twice, weekly, dependent on whether there’s really something valuable or semi-valuable to share with the entire team… and if there is some really big news or valuable info, there could be more updates during a calendar week.

    Since a majority of the team is in the Skype room, my plan is to keep those updates at a necessary minimum, since most anything I send out by message to the whole team is usually “old news” to the team Skype room inhabitants (which again make up a pretty large percentage of the team, well over 50%).

    That said – and at least for our team – daily updates would be a little too much, I feel (unless there was something “huge” going on). CTP Teams tends to take up an awful lot of active members’ time already, and folks have got to have a balance somewhere – especially in the case of online program owners and operators. I’ve got enough on my plate without daily updates if there’s nothing of major importance going on or any truly valuable info to be shared, and I keep up 24/7 (or at least when I’m not sleeping) with our Skype room – I’m afraid I’d probably have to leave a team if I was getting messaged every single day and find another team, which is part of why I try to keep the “big updates” to a necessary minimum, as I suspect others might too.

    We have a constantly communicative Skype room for those that want to be there and want to stay 100% informed at all times, and some people just don’t want that, and that’s fine. I expect our members who don’t participate in the Skype room (other than a few that simply can’t) probably don’t want to be messaged every single day either, but likely enjoy being kept informed once or twice weekly, so that’s what I aim for.

    Constant communication is key, certainly, and again it’s part of what’s made our team so cohesive all along. I feel there’s got to be a balance though, and think weekly or biweekly updates to the entire team are good for the most part – at least for us – since we have a veritable ongoing conversation that’s been going on in Skype for nearly a year now, other communication venues elsewhere.

    What works for us may not work for others, of course, and vice versa. Every team’s got to find their own balance… the ones that will be in trouble are, much like the post said, the ones that don’t communicate at all as a team and/or have a leader that communicates very little.

  4. Hi. I am Terry Allison. I am a SurfAholic…Communicate…Check…LMAO

  5. Howard Fullmer says:

    We at the Surfaholic alphas have great communication between team members and we are also Hardcore Surfers.

  6. R. Van Sky says:

    Huh? There is not a free food coupon here, Howard!

  7. Patricia Hedge says:

    I’m a member of Surfaholics-Alpha and our team leader Matt Badura rocks!!!

  8. Evelyn Kramer says:

    I have never surfed so much, or had so much fun online. My team is an awesome collection of people. I see it as my job to make sure they feel appreciated and noticed. In return they surf hard and meet and exceed any goals we set for each other. I love it when the team share surf tips and best ways to get points.

    I totally agree that the team that communicates together, will be more effective and will lead to online success. Our team is just launching our own coop. wealthbuilderteamcoop.com One of my online friends said it was a little cheezy cause it has a sentimental tone but he had to admit it is cool to have that family feel in a team of people from all over the world.

    As ever, helping others succeed is always more rewarding for yourself in many ways. i cant imagine doing this without my team. I admit i cry when a good player has to quit. Team activity is intense. Not everyone can keep it up. The relationships continue though. That’s awesome.

    Jon talked about playing with people online for years and i totally get that. I now have my pad, phone, and computer on and with me every day.
    Talk to me. lol

  9. Patrick Griffin says:

    Wow great comments from everybody…all the food talk was a little confusing but I am happy to go with the flow. 😉

  10. Marye says:

    You’re absolutely correct – communication is the number one factor of having the team work as a cohesive unit —

  11. Ken Wolff says:

    Communication is the key to success in everything that we do. It applies to the Team leaders as well as to the team members. I am new to the WealthBuilders and enjoy the communication and sharing strategies for success. I have been on 3 teams so far and have learned a lot from each team.

    The importance of communication goes way beyond the team and CTP. Your family, your friends, and your business whether it is online or offline require good communication. 😀

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