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Its Only Wednesday Of S2 W1 And Six Teams Join The Billion Points Club

Its Only Wednesday Of S2 W1 And Six Teams Join The Billion Points Club

CTP Teams S2 W1 top of Premier LeagueIt has been a fast and furious start to the new season of CTP Teams…just three days in and there are already six teams with more than one billion points on the scoreboard.

The top two teams SurfAholics Alpha and Uber Surfers are already in the tens of billions and a few more teams look like they could also break the billion barrier before the week is out.

First placed Alphas have already opened up a five billion point lead over the Ubers but third placed Lucky 13 is also battling hard – with a new leadership team in place the team will certainly be looking to build on its successes of the past.

The Team Flag award for badges is continuing to inject a new fun element into the contest with teams battling with each other to keep the flags they already own while seeking ways to take flags from rival teams.

Flags are certainly worth targeting and capturing because the bonuses available can be quite substantial.

Let’s look at the top three teams and compare their Team Flag bonuses:

1. SurfAholics Alpha – 244%

2. Uber Surfers – 464%

3. Lucky 13 – 196%

So if the Ubers were able to take flags from their two nearest rivals they could dominate on the flag points bonus.

However both the Alphas and Lucky 13 will see that Ubers flag bonus is around twice theirs so they may well want to pursue a dual strategy of gaining more flags for themselves while trying to take some from the Ubers.

With so many elements to CTP Teams in play right now the strategy for dealing with Team Flags is but one element of the daily play technique.

One thing is for sure though and that is those teams who don’t have any strategy at all will not get very far in Season Two.


7 responses to “Its Only Wednesday Of S2 W1 And Six Teams Join The Billion Points Club”

  1. Hi. I am Terry Allison. I am a SurfAholic…Search and Click…Search and Click…Search and Click…

  2. James Bain says:

    The flags are a very interesting concept.

  3. I remember when 7 million was a good score, woww

  4. 10’s of billions, paah, easy peasy

  5. Go UBERS! Strategy? Keep up the momentum, UBERS.

  6. Marye says:

    Congrats to All – definitely this is a red letter start — I can’t remember ever seeing the totals jump like they are now… wtg all

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