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Let Us All Celebrate Our Differences

Let Us All Celebrate Our Differences

Tomorrow the World Cup starts…so there will be no more updates on this blog for a while…see you all in a month’s time. Have fun.

No seriously though. For the next month the focus of the world (at least for football fans) will be on winners. Which teams win their first games, who scores enough goals to get through the group stages. Who will do best in the later stages and, of course, the question everyone is interested in…who is going to be the winner of the World Cup 2014.

To a certain extent that is human nature, we are fascinated by who is the best, the fastest, the strongest, has amassed the most points, or trophies, or Twitter followers or, well anything really.

The leaderboards in CTP Teams and the weekly, monthly and annual prizes all feed into this system too…but that is not all that it does. We need to look past “the top three” sometimes and focus more on the individual.

Remember that it is individuals who make up teams and it is individuals working together who make a team strong. It is also individuals who can bring a team down and who can make other members feel demotivated or demoralized.

So while I am not saying it is wrong to focus on winners…I am saying that is not where our only focus should lie. CTP Teams is about people, it is about individuals coming together for a shared purpose. Let us never lose sight of that fact and let’s give each member of our teams the help and support they need…just as they do the same for the team.

Now let’s see what dramas the World Cup has in store. I am sure I will return to this subject before the month is out.

42 responses to “Let Us All Celebrate Our Differences”

  1. Patricia Hedge says:

    Very nice post indeed. As far as I am concerned everyone participating is a winner.

  2. Great message Patrick, about the nature of teams. We are all learning how the dynamics of teams work and how differently they work for each team. That’s the beauty of it.

    Enjoy the games.

    CTP Masters

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  4. Great message about teams working together.
    Nice post.
    Enjoy the games.

  5. We all bring different skills to our teams and as Patricia says we are all winners for participating!

    Go CTPMasters!


  6. Maya says:

    Persons are different, they make teams different..at the end they make even the world different. I am on top of the world with my team!

  7. Raj G says:

    It’s good to learn that you are also interested in football and would be following intensely all World Cup matches…

    I am sure that many of my CTP friends are also so much interested as that of me… I might not also be able to focus much for a month..

    Cheers to Football and CTP…

    ~ Raj


  8. Sorry team, I will not surf the coming weeks lol

    Yes each team, and in fact each team member is different and we keep be aware of that.

  9. wordsmatter says:

    We are all CTP Team Winners! Cheers & Good Luck!

  10. Georgia says:

    Excellent message about individuals working to keep teams going strong.

  11. Debb Lafevre says:

    It takes many talents to come together and working together to make up a team……and helping those on the team to come foward and share their talents.

  12. Susan McCook says:

    Everybody has to find their place or best role in any team. Great leaders will help others figure it out. Great followers make the team a success. Ideally, everyone is both a leader and follower at times 🙂

  13. Sig says:

    This was a good one indeed. Oh yes there will be a lot of World Cup focus now the next weeks.

    And hope those who try Fight us, will watch TV… Rofl 😀 kidding.

    Team work, its a key to success!

    Best wishes for all who gonna watch World Cup, and to all that Gonna Focus on Win this week at CTP TEAMS


  14. Matt Badura says:

    Well you have my list of WC2014 group winners, I hope I am accurate, it’s gonna be a fun one 🙂

  15. R. Van Sky says:

    Nice post Patrick! Jim thinks it’s a great message too. Take time to help individual members as well as the team. A great concept.

  16. Howard Fullmer says:

    This is a great post thank you

  17. Stephen Whittle says:

    Looking forward to the first GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL and every one after that.

  18. Aleksandar says:

    Great Post!
    From tomorow-beer,World Cup,and CTP

  19. Evelyn Kramer says:

    Team work, its a key to success!
    Good Luck World Cup Fans

  20. Charlotte Ericson says:

    Great post. No big fan of football but if Sweden goes to the finals I will watch. Good luck to all teams!

  21. Each team has its own dynamics. That is what is great about it the whole is a sum of its parts and when all those individuals (parts) come together for the common good it is a thing of beauty.
    Just like the USA team getting out of pool play, a thing of beauty

  22. When we celebrate our differences instead of trying to obliterate them we end up with a richer culture for all to enjoy.

  23. Aaron Green says:

    Great post Patrick, a good team is made up of people that communicate with each other. If there is not communication there is no real place to go. I give Props to our Team Leader Gary Waters he knows how to keep in touch with us.

  24. Lynn M says:

    Great post! LOL @ you Brits and your version of “football”. … 😀

  25. Ken Wolff says:

    Great post Patrick! We value all the participating members of our teams. Every click, every badge, every little thing that is done for the good of the team adds up to a win for all.

  26. Karen Kuty says:

    Great post, Patrick. Although I am not a World Cup fan, a lot of people I work with are, and this is a very exciting time for them. I hope the team(s) you root for do well.

  27. Victoria Stein says:

    Janelle just reminded those on ‘teams’ to post comment for extra points,..WTG! Just as a bit of complaining and negativity,..even personal misunderstandings,…can impact the ‘team’….so is the excitability or momentum of 1 can inspire the whole lot!

    (even if seeing a member from an opposing ‘team’ excited about the World Cup, like Walter Mulder,….it makes me happy to feel the good energy it brings!)

  28. Great post Patrick….just wanted to add that although not everyone on the team may surf as much, some are surfing as much as they can and we should appreciate their efforts as well.
    That`s what makes a team strong.

  29. Glenn Witmer says:

    The only one who doesn’t win, is the one who never tries

  30. Diane Arbus used to say that it is Difference that allowed us individuality

  31. Selya Rollins says:

    Yes, those differences can be enhanced with a great team.

  32. Sheikh M. Anees says:

    Great Post and great news too.

  33. Myra P says:

    It’s been great meeting new people and getting to know more from familiar faces since the inception of CTP Teams 🙂

  34. As a teacher, I learned early in the game that a class of 30 students do not all learn the same way. I had some who could think in straight lines, some who needed pictures, some who had to write everything down, some who could see things in their brain and come up with answers and I could go on and on. In some ways I learned more because I had to learn to teach to diverse individuals. In recent years, I have had students come up to me ad class reunions and comment about how much they appreciated that I was willing to find a new way to help them learn. We all can learn new ways to learn and help other people along the way.

  35. Shawn W says:

    Remember! There’s no i in team!

  36. Abdellah says:

    I bet Brazil will win in the world cup

    and Kore4 in ctp teams competition 😉

  37. Virginia Herron says:

    Ah yes, the world cup. So very excited to see how the rest of the games play out.

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