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Day One Drama Sees Explosive Start To Season Two At CTP Teams

Day One Drama Sees Explosive Start To Season Two At CTP Teams

New for Season Two at CTP Teams is Team Flag awardWell we started off a new season of CTP Teams with something of a bang.

First we had the week off where most people decided to do anything but put their feet up and relax.

And then today we decided it would be a good idea to introduce a nice little non-controversial twist to Season Two with a new Team Flag award for badges.

The idea is that teams who collect badges more than other teams now get special bonuses which last for one season only. It is like a regular kingship but one which only lasts for one season.

We introduced it quietly to see how long it would take people to notice the change…and the change was noticed in mere seconds.

The screenshot below shows why it was noticed so quickly:

Hunters cash in from Team Flag Award day one glitch

Not only did it give Hunters an instant 5,000+% bonus but it also gave UberSurfers a bonus of, wait for it, 7,982% and the other teams were scratching their heads trying to work out what had just happened.

This is how the new Team Flag Award works:

1. A team will be awarded a Team Flag on a badge if the team has collected that badge more than any other team.

2. For each Team Flag awarded that team gets a 2% bonus

3. Any given badge can only have one Team Flag linked to it at any given time

4. The bonus lasts from the time the Flag was awarded and runs until the end of the season at which the Team Flag bonus is reset to zero.

Team Flag Awards were introduced today and so today was the earliest that any badge collecting activity resulted in Flags being awarded.

So for any given season the team which has claimed a badge the most will control the Flag for that badge. For another team to take control of the flag, they simply need to claim that badge more times than the current team. You can think of it as “Kings” but the entire team contributes versus it being one person being King.

So what was all the fuss about then?

Well for a short while the system was a little messed up and it resulted in huge amounts of team points being given out for an hour or so. Basically rather than adding 2% for each new badge claimed it was multiplying the bonus by 2% instead and the numbers soon got a little insane.

So while it caused fireworks for an hour or so, averaged out over the entire ten week season it will have virtually no impact at all.

As of now everything has been fixed, CTP Teams has a cool new bonus, the new season is off to a flying start and we are all excited about how you guys compete in the weeks ahead.

Good luck everyone and have fun.

P.S. Just to show that things are working the way they should the Hunters Flag Award bonus is now a much more realistic 98%

Team Flag Award for collecting badges on CTP Teams is new for Season Two

16 responses to “Day One Drama Sees Explosive Start To Season Two At CTP Teams”

  1. Wow!!! WTG Hunters!!! :)so you work better while I’m at the offline work hmmm…interesting

  2. Georgia Stewart says:

    WTG Ubers

  3. Howard Fullmer says:

    cool now we have champion of Flags this keeps getting more and more fun.

  4. Raj G says:


    great new feature…
    that’s interesting…!!!


  5. Victoria Stein says:

    A whole lot safer than paintball,..and a lot less painful!

    As a team…seeing the results of this together was truly amazing,…thank you for this wonderful experience at the start of the New Year!

  6. Normally I’m the one who complains about new features but I’m actually beginning to like this one 😉

  7. Erin says:

    WTG! I like this and everyone is superb her 🙂

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