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Premier League Players – Your Place In CTP Teams History Is Secured

Premier League Players – Your Place In CTP Teams History Is Secured

Ten teams have the honor of finishing Season One in the Premier League of CTP Teams. These ten teams have 247 members between them and each member has been awarded an exclusive CTP badge on their profile page.

The badge shows the world, or at least the world in the known CTP universe, that you ended Season One as a Premier League team member. This is something you should be very proud of and now it is something you can show off to the world.

CTP Teams Premier League player at end of Season One profile page badge

So let’s do the rollcall.

These are the teams in question…

SurfAholics Alpha

Uber Surfers


Lucky 13

Dream Team



Surf Lovers


Bonz Brigade

And these are the team members…

Alphas: Sabrina Traversa Martin Bolger Howard Fullmer Tom Rasmussen Thomas Buckley Stephen Daniel Scott Beebe Adel Elassy Diana McCarbrey Ole Rasmussen Giuseppe Lanzara sarojini endla Mary Golon Viktoria Cetin Terry Allison Stefan Berg Tony  Rip Van Sky Matt Badura Jessica McLurkin Cathrine Friberg Patricia Hedge Rul Fauzi Steven Ackerman Carl Davis

Ubers: George Nikolis Steven Schofield Bennie VakkieS Zawislak Kendra Morgan Michel GUILLERM cruisin  Richard Arblaster henk stabij Randy Ritter Michel Dreves Mary Magistro Tim Hanson Wang BaoJin Georgia Stewart Victoria Stein Walter Mulder Sig Skeie Sharon Sult Randy Sult Rahul Taneja Jon Turnbull Thomas Smitherman Glenn Witmer Stephen Hall Sraar van den Bosch

Kore4: Gary Schmitt Erin Hunter Nuno Gavina Couto Abdellah Akhrif James Bain Gary Waters valerie feral gerda van riel sheikh anees Terry Stubbings Bob Caine Sandra Walker Zuhair Alabandi ahmed kirouane John Dey marye ca Jeff Olive Tim Linden Selya Rollins Nathan Gurley Craig Brodie-Browne Thach Jerry Suanlooi Tan

Lucky 13: moune monique Lynn M and Brian Cullen Myra P Wendy Browning TONY CALABRESE Kevin Phillips Madolyn Joseph Tom Wacker Adam Brockie aga capoon Joao Ramos John Brewer Scott Wright Gary Lee Charlotte Ericson Sunny Suggs Buck King Boris Petricevic Stephen Whittle Jean Kopinski Elina Balashova Janelle Pineau Tony Tezak Kevin Williams Pan Garan

Dreamers: Ute Schaedler Mary Goble Thomas Graham McCallum Emanuel Zanoschi Tom Jensen Donna Manges Robert Young Susan Mahoney Michael Phillips bambang kristanto Sergei Sopnev Joyce Segovia Chris Deffenbaugh Raj G VALEAN RAUL Patricia Fazio rosita valaitiene Sheila Alexander Karen Thomas James Baker Barbara Serrano Samantha Ownby andy niu Amran Osman Ong James

Renegades: Janice Campbell Antoaneta Chenkova jian wei liu monica wilson Bud Mayes Garry Tatnell Marcel Valentijn Thea Penders Wojciech Huptys Eugene Byers Jeremy Lin David McKay Don Howard Sam Falcone Norbert Ladner Elizabeth Davis John Mossinkoff Jon Olson Astra Tiger Agatha Winsalot Celena Barton Walter Sabino erlend fauskanger varyam singh gavriliu roxana

Wealth Builders: Karen Edwards Jose Carrico Raymond Healy Evelyn Kramer Jayshree Shah Mike Peever Rich Richter Dyanna Yarbro Dennis Blauvelt Carla Frey Susan McCook Peter Kowalchuk Craig Black jim moore Wasim Ahmed silvio abreu Lugano Synergy Jennifer Nieto theo van ryswyk Andrew Po Victor Courville Stephen Dick Laurie D Shepherd Barry Langdon Jason sandlers

Surf Lovers: michel schoonmade Tibor Holacsik Jolanthe Pedrotti Ralf Pietzner Anna Smith Esther Lund Andrea Burger Maya van Doorn Alen Sabow Iph Reis Manfred Ernst Pat vd Toorn Angelika Bartschat Bert Daniels Francoise Dosogne Eduard Jansen Sibylle Stieglitz Mardo Halapuu Angel Valenciano HAKAN HARMAN arancha lopez Daisy Arnold Elvira Strode Hop Trieusung ivan arroyo

Hunters: wen zu chanjiang zhu Erica Sims Vladan Stoyanovich umar zen Michele New Valentin Mavrodin Shahril Faizal mark adams Rafael Pestana Lani Tupago Ingvild Moe-Behrens Claude Tetreault Nadejda Staikova adi calin Cristian Dan Hannet Langenbach Catalin Paraschiv Marcin Palicki Graham Crawley Klara Schmidtz Alison Doble marcus chapman

Bonz Brigade: marin mario Roland Kupsch Colleen Fitten Deborah Cook Jacque Hafner Mark Smith Jorge Marcelo Arauz Dotty Schwalb obi 2597 Charles Boseak Stefan Ward Lucie Bellemare Mandy Moomy William Miller II David Irawan Ericka Todd Lisa Ann Woods Tame Bear BIDYUT JOARDER Visnja Filipovic Miguel Sanaga Zachary Ananda Nanayakkara Mike Canady Cristi Man yasser farouk

Well done to all and all the very best of luck to everyone for the forthcoming Season Two in CTP Teams.

24 responses to “Premier League Players – Your Place In CTP Teams History Is Secured”

  1. John Brewer says:

    Very cool stuff!

    Looking forward to the new season 🙂

    Go Lucky 13!

  2. Keith says:

    Congrats to all – impressive stuff over the last few months.

  3. Georgia Stewart says:

    WTG – congrats to all 🙂

  4. Howard Fullmer says:

    Thank you for the badge was a fun season one can not wait to see what happens in the new season and the seasons ahead.

  5. Congratulations to my 2014 team the Uber Surfers – I was proud to be a member and good luck to them in 2015! Can’t wait now to see what my own CTP Team A 100 Dollar Bill can do in Season 2! Once again, Go Ubers and a tip of the hat to TimTech for creating CTP Teams!

  6. R Van Sky says:

    Nice badge! Thanks a lot. Congrats to everyone!

  7. Congratulations to all the teams’ players. A very exciting season 1 and season 2 looks to be just as exciting or moreso. “Let’s get ready to rumble………”

  8. Hi. I am Terry Allison. I am a SurfAholic…Congratulations to all the CTP teams…I am ready to rumble!!!

  9. James Bain says:

    Thanks for the badge and proud to be on the Kore4 Team

  10. Yay, and 2015 here we come

  11. Charlotte Ericson says:

    Congratulations to all premiere league teams! May 2015 be a fantastic and prosperous year for you all

  12. Wayne Joseph says:

    This was a fun first season and 2015 is looking good!! With that being said, is it really fair to give just last week Premier teams a special badge, esp. after a holiday week?? Some teams were in the Premier league throughout the year more than a few honored this final week. Just a thought and congrats to all honored! Thanks for a great feature of this site.

  13. Evelyn Kramer says:

    Congratulations to all and Happy New Year.
    Due to the Holidays it was especially difficult and that much more satisfying to work with my team mates to remain in Premiere League. Well Done Wealth Builders!

  14. Rahul Taneja says:

    Congratulations to Everyone.

    Thanks for Cool Badge.

  15. Whew! Now that that is over here we go again. I am very proud of Team Kore 4 and all the members past and present who helped us keep in the top ten week after week. We are setting our sights high this year and I know my teammates will continue to do well.

    Congratulations to all the other teams who did well too!!!!


  16. Callum Roxburgh (thewealthmgr) says:

    At the risk of looking like a sore loser I would just like to point out the Badge was awarded based on 1 weeks performance. If you look at the Team Performance over the entire Year my Team (The Strays) came in 7th Place and the Uber Surfers did not even make into the top 20. A flawed badge based on flawed criteria.

  17. Marye says:

    Thanks for the Badge and here’s to a strong start in Season 2

  18. Bob Caine says:

    Way to go Kore4

  19. Sig says:

    What a Year, what a Race!!

    Well done all!!

    Happy New Year!!

  20. ElaineJGroff says:

    Congrats to all you deserve something for all of that hard work,

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