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Have You Checked Out The CTP Marketplace Yet?

Have You Checked Out The CTP Marketplace Yet?

ctp marketplace banner

CTP has a marketplace where you can trade goodies with other CTP members.

It is your marketplace so you decide how much you want to sell items for and you decide what you want to buy items for.

So for example, right now someone is selling ten AAA batteries for ten tokens while someone else wants 12 tokens for the same deal and a third person wants 15 tokens for their stash of ten batteries.

To trade on the marketplace is super simple and it costs two tokens per trade or just one token if you are a Kore4 member, (that is if you are Kore4 upgraded and not simply a member of the team of the same name.)

How it works:

1. Log into CTP, go to the CTP Marketplace by clicking on your ‘Goodies’ tab and click on the marketplace banner to enter the market.

2. To buy something then just look down the list of items for sale and click on the “Buy Now” button next to the item that you want to purchase.

Buying items on the CTP Marketplace

3. To sell something then scroll to the bottom of the Marketplace page until you see the dialogue box where you can list items for sale.

Select the item you want to sell, decide how many of them you want to sell, choose the amount of tokens you want to sell the items for and finally press the blue “Sell It!” button.

Selling items on the CTP Marketplace

Try out the marketplace for yourself. It is actually quite fun.


13 responses to “Have You Checked Out The CTP Marketplace Yet?”

  1. Wendy Browning says:

    This is an awesome opportunity for those of us who don’t use all of the goodies we receive thank you.

  2. Howard Fullmer says:

    Awesome sauce

  3. Andrew Stark says:

    I just did my first transaction and I was very pleased with how it all went.

    I think with all of these extra tokens I can feel it is time for a few login adverts.


  4. The Market Place is awesome.

  5. Sig says:

    Must say I like this idea indeed.

  6. Yes I checked it out and am floored at what some think certain things are worth.
    I can buy an XP battery via CTP for 10 tokens but alas the marketplace GREED is already in place so buy an XP battery for 30 or another for 50.
    1 x Mini Prize Cards for 10 tokens sheesh buy 5 for the same price via CTP
    That is no marketplace that is just straight out robbery at least it gives me an indication who the frauds are around the place and who is more proven to rip you off blatantly.
    Call me when it becomes a real marketplace and people are doing genuine deals.

    • Jon Olson says:

      Well that’s the cool thing about a market place then isn’t it…

      The ‘market’ decides the value.

      The ‘market’ decides the price.

      The market always corrects itself. That’s what is so cool about a market 🙂

  7. Kris Rogers says:

    Great idea! Love it 🙂

  8. Marye says:

    This is a great opportunity to pick up items you use and 🙂 “earn” from the ones you don’t….

  9. I’m a fan of markets of any kind 😀 and I think it was a needed development to move the goodies where they are needed (or wanted) most. Great job!

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