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We Have A Taker For The Kore4 Challenge

We Have A Taker For The Kore4 Challenge

Yesterday in TELive Jon and I discussed something which we both feel would be awesome…a CTP Team (or teams) made up entirely of Kore4 members.

It came on the back of a suggestion I made that the team called Kore4 would be ideal to be the first team to be all Kore4. Now obviously they don’t have to do this, no team has to do this but, here is the point, any team could do this and I suspect some team will.

It would be interesting to see what effect, if any, an all Kore4 team would have on the dynamic of the competition. (At least for me as I am interested in game dynamics.)

But it looks as though there are people seeing the massive potential to be the first all Kore4 team within CTP Teams. Ken Wolff from Wake Up Now believes his team could be the first to gain this status.

CTP Team - Wake Up Now

In a comment on this blog he said:

“The plan is definitely to all team members to B K4. One member at a time. We all work to find the next two members ready to sign up 4 K4…

“Once the whole team is upgraded to K4 we will share strategies to reach out in other communities using Safelists, TEs, and social networks like Adlandpro, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and more. BTW…we do have a couple of spots open or soon to open on our team if you would like to be on a team that is moving to the top!?”

This all sounds very interesting indeed.


37 responses to “We Have A Taker For The Kore4 Challenge”

  1. That might actually turn out to be a very strong team with action takers

  2. Sig says:

    It could become as Walter says… we will see…

    But worried, nope… 🙂 as we are action takers too 😀

    Interesting stuff

  3. WakeUpNow is an international team. We value those team members very much. Several of those team members will not be able to Kore4 because there is not a payment processor in their country that will allow a subscription of this nature.

    So our Kore4 plan is tempered by that.

    We will be supporting our members that support the team. Carving off the unengaged that don’t surf or contribute and striving to have all that can upgrade do so.

    • Ken Wolff says:

      Wow! What an honor to get a mention in the blog post! Thanks for that Patrick! Yes, we have met a few challenges like Marian mentioned about not all of our members have the option of K4 because of the Credit Card problem….but where there is a will there must be a way…we just need to put the creative minds at work.

      BTW! I am working with another awesome leader that is thinking of joining our team.

      Stay tuned for details. Oh! If anyone would like to know more about the secret plan to move Team WUN 2 the top! I would be happy to share the details…just give me a CTP PM…;-)

  4. Jaco Alberts says:

    See you at the top!

  5. Lynn M says:

    Sounds like a very good and worthwhile strategy for many reasons!

  6. Charlotte Ericson says:

    Kore4 or not every member is important in a team.

    • Ken Wolff says:

      Some members who are not Kore4are making great contributions to the team. The have to work a lot harder to do it but we appreciate them very much….what am I talking about…LOL I am one of those hard workers…it is all part of the plan.

  7. Frank says:

    sounds interesting!

  8. Kore 4 is an ongoing discussion on our team, looking for creative ways to help other members step up, and to help those who are all ready Kore 4 and need to get their two.


  9. Wayne D. says:

    I agree that every member plays a role to make up a team, upgraded or not. Not sure if I like this idea or not.

  10. There are upsides and downsides to the Idea of an all Kore4 team, none of which I will entertain here. What I will Say candidly that you can ask our team members, this has always been our goal. As it should be everyone’s. Be carful what you wish for though and think your plan out long and seriously. whenever there is money involved you stand the chance of not everyone being happy with the outcome. I know, I know negative, negative but Look before you leap is always a good idea.

  11. Jon Olson says:

    The biggest thing people that Kore4 their account need to remember, this a year long plan. SO if they aren’t willing to invest at minimum a year into their online business, they are in the wrong gig. But way to go to WUN! Hope they knock it out of the park!!

  12. It will be interesting to see the strategies teams adopt to get members to upgrade to Kore4.

  13. Mary says:

    I think this would be a very competitive league…would be interesting to see how it went

  14. Patricia Dean says:

    Seems this plan is the best for all teams, to go as far as possible, still working with those who can’t go KORE4, because of the payment processor. A great plan for every team.

  15. Raj G says:

    Hope this competition does not turn out to be all Kore4 affair..!

    Then, other teams with lesser Kore4 members would ultimately lose interest in such competition… (but, if the intention of this competition is to increase K4 members, then that’s a different ball game…!!!)

    Encouraging team spirit and the will to take up higher challenges should be of utmost priority rather than making them handicapped by way of providing more facilities to all K4 teams…

    Take the example, as I find now:

    Dream Team :
    – They are at #10 at the moment
    – Have only 19 members
    – Only 7 Kore4 members

    While below them:
    The CTP Renegades
    – They are at #11 at this moment
    – Have 22 members
    – have 11 Kore4 members

    So, the question is to encourage the fighting spirit amongst teams by balancing various features but not of a lopsided game in totality.

    As and when the competition hots up, definitely in turn every team would like to uplift their profile and position, and CTP is bound to gain out of it.

    All the best to every team upholding high team spirits.

    ~ Raj

  16. Never leave members out – we are all members of the same community 🙂 if people feels forced to upgrade to be part of winning …fun is out

    • Ken Wolff says:

      I agree with all the comments and cautions. Remember I an still not Kore4…It is my objective and my secret plan for the team but there is a right way, a wrong, way and our way. The key word her is ours. people helping people. There is a lot of potential for everyone who has the ability to upgrade. Doing it on your own can be tough. With “our” plan you get help. I know I have called it a secret plan but I am terrible at keeping secrets…so here goes again. The reason I am not Kore 4 yet is that I am working with other members of “our”team to help them do better at what they are doing. I am trying to get “our team to work together as another member of the team. We have a great leader in Marian. We share our ideas in a private Skype room…not very many on our team even use Skype so we communicate in some cases one on one. We also have a Facebook group and a few more people using that but still not everyone. Communication is important! I am rambling here and have so much more that I would like to say but need to cut it short and go work in the park….more later! Make it a great day. Send me a PM if you would like the fun and rewarding complete plan

  17. Mark Johnson says:

    I agree a full team of kore4 members will be great for everyone,
    Lets go for it.

  18. Stephen Whittle says:

    Sounds interesting

  19. Thumbs up and exce;lent, look forward to seeing this team on the top

  20. Mandy Moomy says:

    interesting idea 🙂

  21. yeah…why not make people pay their top spot at once? ..then we dont have to surf at all ….lets say those less greedy pays $200 for 3rd place …and 2nd $400 and to win the team pays $600 …that would be fun (for Jon anyways) and all that dont have money …pffff we dont need them at all do we ??
    One thing is to work our way to top like it is now …mixed …but to say…lets have a few teams only kor4 that will win every darn week cause they pay …No..hell no

  22. Virginia Herron says:

    It seems like payment will always been an issue and it’s true that an active member is of more value.

  23. Wendy says:

    For people new in CTP and preparing to join Kore4, it’s a good chance.

  24. Karen Kuty says:

    Ken has been spearheading this effort to upgrade our team, and deserves kudos for this. Woohoo for you, Ken!

    We have active FB and skype chat rooms and share links for TE’s for members don’t belong to sites in the daily challenges. It’s a cooperative group, and we value all of our members, not just those who upgrade to Kore4.

    Go Team Wake Up Now!

  25. I would be happy to sign up anyone who is looking for a KORE4 place to land.

  26. Congrats Ken, you have clearly explain the strategy.

    Go Team Wake Up Now!

  27. Abdellah says:

    we”ll see 😉

    good luck to all

  28. Patricia Hedge says:

    For now I will sit on the fence for this issue.
    I see both pros and cons but for me it is too early with the team competitions to decide.

  29. Ken Wolff says:

    Thank you for all the comments on this issue. I do want to say that we value the efforts of all of our team members. It is not about pay or play. It is about working together as a team, doing our best, and having fun while we do it. It is about getting to know each other not as just another person clicking or upgrading. Now, as for the paying, lets have a closer look at that. Lets say you upgrade to K4 and get all that goes with that. You get four times as much for every click in four different fun top rated traffic exchanges. How about a discount? You get an member signing up under you right away if you join as described in our not so secret plan, so you are getting in at half price. If you get just one other person to join under you your membership is free. Guess what folks…every new referral you get after that is money in your pocket. I think maybe we should look at this as an income opportunity rather than all the focus on pay.

    Now I want to go one step further and say that I am not in this for the money. I will give 100% of any profits that I receive from this to charity (yours or mine), or back to the individuals in our downline in a number of creative ways. I will be perfectly honest with you. I am not allowed to make an income in any business outside of our primary business.

    I look forward to getting to know you all as friends.

  30. Selya Rollins says:

    Its the members that make the team Kore or not.

  31. Myra P says:

    Interesting Team strategy, also like Selya’s comment, so TRUE!

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