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CTP Teams Season One: Final Day Premier League (i)

CTP Teams Season One: Final Day Premier League (i)

It is the last day of competition for CTP Teams today so let’s see where we are in the Premier League right now at 10am Eastern which gives us just 14 hours left to go.

So it is time to head over to the website of the The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) – the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education.

No I have not gone totally mad, this is the website where I found the online map drawing software in their Kids’ Zone section…so plugging in the current Premier League stats into their software I get this…

CTP Teams Premier League 10am EST Sunday December 28, 2014

And if we just focus on the top three we get this…

Top Three CTP Teams Premier League 10am EST Sunday December 28, 2014

SurfAholics Alpha cannot be caught. Even if the other two teams were allowed to combine their points as some superteam for the last week of the contest, the Alphas would still be in first place.

Can Lucky 13 move into second place though? Well the Uber Surfers have been increasing their gap over the last day or so so it will be a difficult challenge indeed but it is certainly not impossible.



11 responses to “CTP Teams Season One: Final Day Premier League (i)”

  1. Hi. I am Terry Allison. I am a SurfAholic…Congratulations to Everyone…SurfAholics, you are freaking AWESOME!!!

  2. Sig says:

    I can still feel the Christmas Spirit…and its UBER Fantastic

  3. Marye says:

    Happy Holidays to all 🙂

  4. Glenn Witmer says:

    Ubers have lots of plans for 2015

  5. Karen Kuty says:

    Congratulations to the winners!

  6. The stats of the final hours of the competition look even more interesting 🙂

  7. Bob Caine says:

    Happy New Year to everyone. It was quite a year

  8. Raj G says:


    WoW! What a competition…!!!


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