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With A One Million XP Giveaway Is Jon Trying To Upstage Santa Nerd?

With A One Million XP Giveaway Is Jon Trying To Upstage Santa Nerd?

Surely Jon would never, ever, in a million years, attempt to upstage Santa Nerd…especially after Santa Nerd has shown the world how good he is at doing cartwheels.

But he would give away one million XP when he wanted to introduce you to something really, really cool indeed.

Landing Page Monkey is so cool that one observer said yesterday: “This is cooler than one of Santa Nerd’s famous North Pole cartwheels.” Cool indeed.

Jon said about Landing Page Monkey: “We are seeing conversion rates through the roof on arguably the most diverse and feature rich landing page generator in history.

“This is the perfect tool to build your lists and get the results you have always dreamed of…

But it gets even better…

“Sign up using the official TimTech link and get yourself 1 million CTP XP….Yup you read that right, ONE MILLION!

“All you have to do to claim your reward is contact support with your receipt and presto, instant XP.

“Remember, this is THE launch of the year and you will be blown away with what you can do to stick out from the crowd with Landing Page Monkey!


9 responses to “With A One Million XP Giveaway Is Jon Trying To Upstage Santa Nerd?”

  1. James Bain says:

    Sounds like a perfect plan.

  2. Evelyn Kramer says:

    I happened to look in my outbox in the CTP PM area and had a panic attack as i realized how many people were receiving XP from my sites. Yikes! I rushed over to make sure I had enough. Thank goodness, the Good Timtech people had Black Friday sales or I would be toast. Giving never felt so good.

    Thanks again TimTech

  3. Erin says:

    Yippy! What an offer, indeed.

    Thanks TimTech

  4. Lynn M says:

    “In the North Pole, you don’t know how we do cartwheels” – bwahahahahaha! 😀

  5. Looks like a cool program. Thanks for the XP

  6. CJ says:

    What do experience points ( XP ) do for me at CTP? Kinda confused about their purpose.

  7. Raj G says:

    Wow! what an offer…!!!

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