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Team Spotlight: Kore4 – Finding The Will To Win

Team Spotlight: Kore4 – Finding The Will To Win

Team Kore 4 header

One comment on the team round up post I wrote on Friday really caught my attention…it was this one from Kore4 leader Gary Waters…

Kore4 team comment

The interesting point about it is that I actually was going to include Kore4 in that report but decided not to at the last minute when I felt that the post was already getting a little too long.

So let’s have a look at Kore4 right now instead.Ā  Kore4 finished 6th in the Premier League last week having amassed 45.5 m points and, if Gary’s comment is anything to go by, they will want to finish even higher this week.

They have more than enough Kore4 members (ie members who are also Kore4 in CTP) to allow them to have the maximum 25 members on their team, but at time of writing there are two slots available for new members to join. However membership is limited so it it not open to anyone to join. Maybe Gary already has the last two members already earmarked, who knows?

One thing I did think of though, with a name like Kore4, it would be a great opportunity for this to be the first team entirely made up of Kore4 upgraded members.

That is bound to happen one day. I wonder which team it will be?


40 responses to “Team Spotlight: Kore4 – Finding The Will To Win”

  1. Thank you for the Love Patrick We have a plan to everyone there but it’s taking longer than I hoped.

  2. Raj G says:

    The confidence of a great Leader
    Builds a Great Team too…

    That’s exactly what Gary has displayed…

    All the best to Kore4…!


  3. Frank says:

    Great Post Patrick!

  4. Jon Turnbull says:

    About time lol

  5. Sig says:

    Here it is, and Good that you put this post out.
    And with Respect with that Name, well there are many options, not only that all get K4, but just the name it self, they will get seen out there on there with that name…

    The Name of the team itself will Boost theyr branding I am 100% on that!

    Good luck with the Team!

    Best wishes

  6. R. Van Sky says:

    Best of luck Kore 4! Thanks for making it a competitive week ahead.

  7. Good Luck to Kore 4 team

  8. Ken Wolff says:

    I have a secret plan for Team Wake Up Now! OK Ok I can’t keep a secret! The plan is definitely to all team members to B K4. One member at a time. We all work to find the next two members ready to sign up 4 K4. The one that joins 1st has the advantage as they get the 2nd person to join under them. We already have the sponsor picked out for the 1st person who is one of the latest to upgrade. Once the whole team is upgraded to K4 we will share strategies to reach out in other communities using Safelists, TEs, and social networks like Adlandpro, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and more. BTW…we do have a couple of spots open or soon to open on our team if you would like to be on a team that is moving to the top!

    • Ken Wolff says:

      I forgot to mention we already have the 2nd person to go K4 lined up…LOL that would be me. Actually the next person on Team WUN to sign up will be getting in at half price cuz when I sign up they will be getting a 50% commission!

    • Patricia Dean says:

      Glad I read this, I finally now know the secret, Ken. I have been asking, I found the answer here. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Lynn M says:

    That was a pretty brilliant move to give the team the Kore4 name. Best of luck to Team Kore4, I hope all of your members Kore4 themselves soon (because with that team name, they all should be!).

  10. Virginia Herron says:

    I was thinking about this before the Kore4 team but it made me think of something. Having a non-K4 member join before upgrading is far more beneficial as long as they truly do have the intention of following through with it.

  11. I agree that a good leader can often make the difference. I have had leaders who think they are encouraging but I felt defeated by what they said. For instance: “What do you think you did wrong?” Vs “I see a lot of good things in what you are doing. What are your plans from here?” Which one would I respond positively to??? It is all about being an encourager and helping in positive ways. When encouraged positively then we want to be winners.

  12. Myra P says:

    Nice Patrick for putting a spotlight on Gary W and his KORE4 Team šŸ™‚

  13. Karen Kuty says:

    I remember attending a talk by Joe Montana years ago (it was just a few years after he retired from pro football) and he talked about the critical factor of success being not just the will the win but the will to prepare. It is the work that is done in the off season that determines whether or not you can have a successful season. The fact that KORE4 is determined to win is not the reason that they will succeed but the fact that they are doing the “little” things day in and day out to prepare for “winning” that will make them successful.

    I applaud their efforts. And, of course, Go Team WakeUpNow!

  14. Charlotte Ericson says:

    Good luck Kore 4 team

  15. Bob Sims says:

    Did I miss the concept of this all together ?

    CTP Teams rewards you for being active for everything you do in ClickTrackProfit. Best of all, you are also rewarded for everything your team does as well. Earn points for completing CTP training, earn for spinning the prize wheel. You also earn by logging in every day of the month, Nerd Surfing, claiming badges while surfing across the industry, playing the Vault N’ Keys, the bonus games and so much more…There are so many ways to earn points in CTP teams, all you have to do is be active!
    Well, is it CTP Teams or Kore4 Teams and anyone not Kore4 should just “Go Away” !

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      No Bob you have not missed the point at all – you have summed up many of the ways that people can help their teams. In fact if most team members did just a fraction of what you suggest then that would make a massive discount.

      There is no suggestion that those who are not Kore4 are not welcome – far from it. Kore4 is an option for people, and while I would suggest it is a valuable option, it is certainly not compulsory.

  16. Evelyn Kramer says:

    This is absolutely not a Kore4 only competition. But I will say, as the only Kore 4 member of my team of five, It has been hard to stay in the competition. I was chasing Team Kore4 for a while but it only takes one or two days of distraction to get left behind.

    Good job to everyone on team Kore4 and we’ll see each other again as we pass you by. hehehe

  17. Great !! and good luck…see you up there

  18. Kris Rogers says:

    Keep going Kore 4 you will get there!

  19. Wendy says:

    I have to say that being a member of this Kore4 team we have a marvelous leader, I can say that a team is only as good as it’s leader and a leader is only as good as their team. We have a way to go that is for sure. Most of us know our objective and the ones who do not really don’t. Once we get where we want to go, we will stay there. I predict that it will be very difficult to remain a member of this elite team and I feel it is fair. If you look at our team stats you can clearly see which names will remain and which will be replaced by another who will commit to the common goal we share with one Mr. Gary K Waters.
    By the way. ((We ain’t taken no shorts!))

  20. THOMAS GERHOLD says:

    a vary great team!!! I am so happy and honored to be a part of i am vary new to the ad game and ever member of the team i have talk to is so vary nice helpful and all ways welling to take time to help each other when the can.. and i am sorry to the other teams but i really think i have the best team leader out there šŸ™‚ GARY you are great !!!

  21. I shouldn’t be making another post here, but I feel compelled to say to all and especially my teammates, thank you so much for the confidence you display in me. By responding with the efforts that all my worthy teammates put in every day, day after day, It makes me want to work that much harder for the team.
    Bravo guys and thanks again

    • No Gary thanks to you. You are a great team leader. That is why we log in and do what we do. I can’t wait till Wednesday. Coffee Shop Traffic, ya’ll better be there! It’s a great TE owned by Mr. Gary Waters himself!

  22. Sheikh M. Anees says:

    First of all i want to say great post Patrick . And yes i learn a lot from ctp team and i am loving here being a apart of it. And we got great leader Gary . i makes lots of new friends here. and every day i am learning new things , this a big opportunity Thanks for the TimTech. We are just Growing day by day.

  23. Aaron Green says:

    Great Post Patrick,

    Glad to see we are slowly moving up the board. To the Top!! Is were we are going. Stay focused and positive and anything can happen.

  24. Abdellah says:

    I became more active after I joined Kore4 team, we have great leader and active and helpful members, thank you all


  25. A well deserved spotlight. Good luck Team Kore4

  26. Having the correct mindset, one that looks for solutions rather than problems is a key to success. Sounds like Gary already inspires that on his team.

  27. Anton Parvov says:

    All the best to Kore4!

  28. Mary says:

    Proud member of this team – Go Kore4 šŸ™‚

  29. If we can accomplish this goal then I’m in. It may take me a little longer but I promise I will find a way to upgrade to Kore 4. Gary is an amazing team leader and I’m really happy to be on this team. I believe when there’s a will there’s a way! Let’s do this Kore 4!

  30. Stephen Whittle says:

    Best of luck!

  31. Jaco Alberts says:

    Great post! Thank you for being a great leader, Gary!

  32. Mary says:

    I am definitely more active since joining Kore4 – all of the members make it fun AND competitive…

  33. Peggy Platt says:

    Team Kore4 has what it takes to make it to the top. We have determination and drive. Watch out because we will soon be challenging for the Number1 position.

  34. Shawn W says:

    Glad to be apart of the team

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