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Santa Nerd Hates Pumpkins…Especially At Christmas Time

Santa Nerd Hates Pumpkins…Especially At Christmas Time

12 Days of Christmas 2014 - Santa Nerd Hates Pumpkins

Hey Larry, you are spoiling Santa’s shot…there is no need to check on your pet pumpkin right now.

And what is it with the pumpkin anyway? Surely you know that Santa Nerd gets extra grumpy when he is asked to sit next to a pumpkin?

And his reindeer hate pumpkins too…it makes them bark too much.

There is good news however…Santa Nerd loves everyone in the TE community and he also loves XP and StartXchange which may be a good clue about what today’s gift and deal are all about.

The countdown to Christmas continues…take part in 12 Days of Christmas 2014 right now.


10 responses to “Santa Nerd Hates Pumpkins…Especially At Christmas Time”

  1. James Bain says:

    Weird, weird and more weird

  2. Sig says:

    Get that pumkin away!! Santa GO FOR IT!!

  3. Karen Kuty says:

    Santa Nerd looooooves pumpkins-they are nice, not naughty; what are you talking about?

  4. Cathrine says:

    No pumpkin at Christmas!

  5. ElaineJGroff says:

    Actually, Pumpkin pie is good at Christmas time as well as at Turkey time.

  6. Raj G says:


    Good Ideas…!!!


  7. Glenn Witmer says:

    Pumkin is almost zero calories and a natural stomach settler…so why is every one hating on pumpkin??

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