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12 Days of Christmas 2014 – Justin Stands In For Santa Nerd

12 Days of Christmas 2014 – Justin Stands In For Santa Nerd

It is day four of the 12 Days of Christmas and today Santa Nerd is taking a rare day off.

He had to attend an emergency noise abatement hearing before a judge over allegations that one of his reindeer was barking too loudly long into the night.

But don’t panic because all is not lost…Justin found his secret stash of presents and special offers and was able to step in and save the day.

Justin as SantaNerd for 12 Days of Christmas 2014

Just click on the image above to find out about today’s special deal…and don’t forget to login to CTP to claim your present.

Doing so could also help Santa Nerd out this year because several scientific studies have revealed that claiming your presents and checking out the daily 12 Days of Christmas offers can help stop reindeers from showing symptoms of excessive barking.

7 responses to “12 Days of Christmas 2014 – Justin Stands In For Santa Nerd”

  1. They look very much alike

  2. Sig says:

    ooh is it a Stand in??

    I tought…lol.. Well a good Stands in it is..

    Best wishes for the comming Christmas all

  3. Glenn Witmer says:

    Thanks for the great deals and presents

  4. James Bain says:

    Well, he at least has a red suit.

  5. Raj G says:



    Santa looks great!


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