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Alphas Move Up A Gear To Reclaim Top Spot In Premier League

Alphas Move Up A Gear To Reclaim Top Spot In Premier League

CTP Teams Premier League as of 12.12.14

When it comes to being right at the very top of CTP Teams it seems that Lucky 13‘s luck has run out. Tom Wacker’s team had a very strong start to the week indeed as it held the number one spot for three days.

Then yesterday SurfAholics Alpha turned up the gas a notch or two and are now around 1.2 billion points in the lead. Note that the really crazy numbers of the last two weeks are no longer with us but they were really fun while they were around.

Uber Surfers are back in third place while Kore4 and Renegades have swapped places from the way things ended last week.

Surf Lovers, who moved up a league this week, are well placed to remain in the Premier League in sixth place and The Strays should also stay put without too much difficulty. Sadly the same cannot be said for the Strays Team Bee which has seemed to struggle with the pace of the Premier League this week and will be back in the Competitive League on Monday morning.

Virtually nothing separates TE Racing League and CSN (a mere two million points to be precise) but both teams have a battle ahead if they are to avoid relegation and ruin the end of the week for The Strays and possibly Surf Lovers.

Very strong performances from Dream Team and Hunters see them first and second respectively in the Competitive League and in seventh and eight spots overall when compared against all the other teams in CTP Teams. This performance should be more than enough to see them move up a league on Monday but Surf to Earn, Bonz Brigade and WealthBuilders are all with a realistic shot of third place to earn one of them the final promotion spot for this week.


6 responses to “Alphas Move Up A Gear To Reclaim Top Spot In Premier League”

  1. It’s going to be an awesome fun weekend 🙂

  2. I have to find out what theses teams on top know that we don’t besides the fact they all have team members that used to be with our team, Hmm maybe I can water board some info out of them. Great work by everyone

  3. as effective as these teams are at staying on top,
    I seriously have far to many things to do to be a contender

  4. Marye says:

    It’s not over till the “Fat Lady” sings…so it’ll be interesting to see the final numbers.

  5. Victoria Stein says:

    Am still laughing over both Russell and Gary’s comments!

    Do not fear Gary,…I aided in Lorna (Heath)joining your team back in the day,..as she wanted to be on then UK Jon’s team,..same time zone…..

    Now she is newly ‘retired’ from ILH #1 contender…and Jon (Turnbull) has moved across the ocean to be in the USA!

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