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What Tom Wacker Would Have Said (If Spreecast Let Him Talk)

What Tom Wacker Would Have Said (If Spreecast Let Him Talk)

Lucky 13 top CTP Teams Premier League wed dec 10

I have it on very good authority that Lucky 13 leader Tom Wacker was looking forward to making an announcement on his regular Spreecast this week.

Unfortunately Spreecast does not always tend to be the most reliable of platforms and while he was seen, he could not be heard. It seems that not all the comments people were posting were getting through either. The only way I could get my own comment being seen was by logging out and logging back in again.

But what was it that Tom wanted to say?

I think it was something like: “I am really pleased to see that Lucky 13 is in top place at CTP Teams” or words to that effect.

Well it is now Wednesday and I have just checked…and Lucky 13 are still top. Not only that but they are extending their lead too.

So there you go. Who needs Spreecast when we have the CTP Teams blog?



7 responses to “What Tom Wacker Would Have Said (If Spreecast Let Him Talk)”

  1. Tom Wacker says:

    Thanks for the podium, Patrick!

    I may have a couple of other things to say, but they will wait until next week!

  2. Marye says:

    LOL…ok…if that’s it – wtg L13 🙂

  3. James Bain says:

    No need for Spreecast

  4. Top Nerd-Teams always fun to watch 😉

  5. I think I also heard him say somethingsomethingfrak

  6. So that is why I had trouble getting in. It’s rare for Tom to be left without words so I knew something was off. Glad to hear it’s not Tom but spreecast.


  7. Erin says:

    Wonderful work. It has to be toughto beat!

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