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SurfAholics Alpha Notch Up Another Weekly Win

SurfAholics Alpha Notch Up Another Weekly Win

Since CTP Teams started SurfAholics Alpha have been unbeaten in the weekly challenges…and last week was no different. I had predicted that Lucky 13 might give them a run for their money and come on top and at one stage it looked at though that might have worked out, but the Alphas don’t give up the top spot easily.

When I checked in on Saturday Tom’s team was indeed in first place…

Lucky 13 go top in CTP Teams

However by close of play on Sunday the Top Ten told a different story with the Top Three looking like this:

1. SurfAholics Alpha
2. Lucky 13
3. Crazy Cats People

CTP Teams Month 2 Wk 2

Also congratulations to CTP Masters, Wake Up Now and The C.T.P Renegades who were all promoted to the Premier League. Not such good news for Dream Team, Dr Kelps Racers and HomeRun Hitters, who all went down a division.

No matter where you are in the league, good luck with the week ahead. Enjoy the challenges, enjoy working as a team and enjoy building your own online businesses as you do so.

28 responses to “SurfAholics Alpha Notch Up Another Weekly Win”

  1. Lynn M says:

    It was a heck of a week and we @ Lucky 13 sure tried to give the SAs a run for their money, and managed to neuter the Cats last week. As I’ve said before, we are definitely in it for the long haul and long term, so the others best stay on their toes!

    Good luck to all this week and hope everyone has a lot of fun with their teams this week… ‘cos that’s what it’s all about! šŸ™‚

  2. Stephen Whittle says:

    Watch out….we’re coming full steam ahead this week! Go Lucky 13!

  3. Patricia Hedge says:

    Another great week! Hats off to all the teams for a job well done!

  4. Sig says:

    Wow, what a Race it has been!! And Lucky13, well you was close, but no Guitar..this week I bet we gonna have even a harder week…or can we just Relax??

    I bet NOT!

    Well Back to the tier games, wow it has been a Big Boom all ready…Servers Hot (Allmost as me..lol)

    Good luck all


  5. Kris Rogers says:

    Well done everyone that was a tough week for us Cats. Great battle for first and 2nd place!

  6. Donna says:

    We do like to be kept on our toes! Keep coming at us we will keep fighting to defend our title. Surfaholics A Rule!! šŸ˜‰

  7. theys just got it pegged

  8. I must say job well done to the top teams for getting more points than I knew existed. We are slowly figuring it out as a team and won’t be too long till we are up there with you.

    Congratulations to all teams and especially my team mates who have kept us in the top league for 3 straight weeks

  9. Jon Olson says:

    Crazy day ahead for the Teams…A chance for team leaders to really gain some ground for their respective crews. But yes, huge congrats to the Holics’ Amazing run!

  10. Georgia says:

    Great job everyone

  11. wordsmatter2me says:

    Cheers for all the CTP Teams. Good Luck this week !

  12. Awesome job everyone and congrats to the winning teams. You’ve proved your contenders in every way. But watch out for CTP Masters. We’re back in the premiere league this week.


  13. Maya says:

    wtg, what a great job done!

  14. Frank says:

    Good Job everyone!

  15. Raj G says:

    Congrats to SurfAholics Alpha…!

  16. Whew! That was a tough week! Great competition!

  17. It was a great week. Congrats to all participates…

  18. Matt Badura says:

    Yes a tough week indeed, and Lucky 13 has got me constantly checking in on them lol GJ.

    This is quite a lot of fun, can we do 6 straight?

  19. Tom Wacker says:

    Boy, I’ll tell you what. Lucky 13 gave SurfAA a chance to quit. We were hammering the crap out of them on Saturday afternoon.

    They did’t quit, they came right back with determination and grit. I am impressed. I really am.

  20. Congrats to the winners

  21. Boris says:

    Great battle. Thanks SAA for all the excitement last week. Now… Let’s get ready to rumble! šŸ™‚

  22. Karen Kuty says:

    Congratulations to SurfAholics Alpha! Well done.

  23. Myra P says:

    Congrats to ALL CTP Teams for another exciting competitive week…Go Surfaholics!

  24. Very well done !! šŸ™‚ one day we must make it lol

  25. Patricia Dean says:

    Late congrats here, but CONGRATS Surfaholics

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