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If You Love CTP Teams Then Read This Blog Post

If You Love CTP Teams Then Read This Blog Post

…well when I say ‘this blog post,’ I don’t mean this one because you are already reading this one. I mean this one from CTP Masters team leader Nick Grimshawe.

Nick Grimshawe blog post

It is good because it really does give some great insight into CTP Teams from a team leader’s perspective and from someone who has been with CTP from the start but also because it contains this really funny one liner:

“Iโ€™m talking team surfing TimTech style. As you know by now, their philosophy isnโ€™t just to rock the boat a bit, but to flip it over and see who swims.”

Excellent stuff Nick.

62 responses to “If You Love CTP Teams Then Read This Blog Post”

  1. Wendy says:

    Haha, I love the quote.

  2. Neil says:

    Nice post.

  3. Lynn M says:

    Good stuff. And yep, that last quote is priceless!

    Good to see Nick back on the blogging and surfing train too, his presence was noted and he was missed!

  4. Tom Wacker says:

    So. Do I get XP for my earlier comment on Nick’s post??

    It really is an excellent post. Nick is definitely a blogger worth following!

  5. Georgia says:

    Excellent post from Nick.

  6. Patricia Hedge says:

    Nick is an awesome writer!

  7. Cathrine says:

    Nick is a great writer!

  8. Sig says:

    Yes I read this and Nicks, indeed Nick know how to write.


  9. Charlotte Ericson says:

    A great post. Agree totally with all you write. You are a great writer, Nick. I guess the teams rocked everyone’s world. The teams made me step out of my comfortzone and finally do what the timtech guys been ranting about. Talk to your downline. +1 , show the world who you are.
    Tanks again Timtech

  10. Great post Nick love it .

  11. Change can be good if it doesn’t negatively effect the bottom line.

  12. Wayne D. says:

    Awesome quote from a proven leader!

  13. Great job Nick. I like your writing style; good and polished.

  14. Great post change seems to always upset people. But that is the way of life things don’t stay the same forever.

  15. Stephen Whittle says:

    Good stuff Nick!

  16. I just came over here to comment and get my XP… what a surprise. LOL. Thank you for the great comments, they are much appreciated. My hope is that most of you are swimming and doing well.

    Thanks of the plug Patrick.

    Go CTP Masters


  17. Janelle says:

    Very nice, Patrick. Good to see members of the community being highlighted for sticking out. ๐Ÿ™‚


  18. Great post Nick!

    Always loved your writing style; this post gave an unique perspective from a program owner and Team Leader, in addition to being a member of the CTP community.

  19. […] The team blog post found under the team tab is about well (blush, blush) a blog post I wrote yesterday. You might find it interesting you might not….but here is the link. http://ctpteams.com/280/if-you-love-ctp-teams-then-read-this-blog-post/ […]

  20. April M Hunt says:

    Thanks Nick for being such an awesome team leader!

  21. Great post – glad that Nick is my Team Leader!

  22. Frank says:

    Great Post Nick!

  23. Oh no you better hide now Nick. Everyone is going to find you.

    Go CTP Masters!

  24. Howard Fullmer says:

    Great blog by Nick

  25. hehe ..cool post …guess I am a good swimmer to lmao

  26. Tony says:

    Nick did it again.

  27. Straight to the point Nick

  28. Myra P says:

    I really like that quote….leadership, teamwork and great fun socializing ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. wordsmatter2me says:

    Nick, Change is good. I like this post.

  30. mark says:

    Excellent Stuff!!!!!

  31. Cindy Schellenberg says:

    Great stuff Nick! I do believe this gentleman has a future in Internet Marketing!

  32. Selya Rollins says:

    Talk about rising above the noise, nice Nick.

  33. Raj G says:

    Great way to put forward the message…!

    Nick you have shaken us… lol


  34. Ken Wolff says:

    Great one liner quote! I am a good swimmer and love living on the edge, going outside the box to find success. I have flipped the boat more than once as part of teaching others to sail but the most fun is having that heel (The sideways tipping of the boat due to the wind’s effect) at an extreme point but not tipping over. The speed is exciting and the movement forward is the greatest. So it is in CTP when you learn something new. What we are doing to help the teams is taking us out of the box and the results are exponential!

  35. Wendy Scott says:

    Nick is my hero. Great stuff.

  36. YEAH that’s it Nick! You hit the nail right on the head my friend. People just panic when something changes. I know some changes can be good ones and but, some also can be difficult ones too. We all live in a changing world so, my question to you is Why aren’t we all used it it by now? We can’t do a dang thing about changes we just need to find a way to accept them.

  37. Mandy Moomy says:

    Nice one Nick!!

  38. Mary Golon says:

    This was a very great post, Nick

  39. Good job Nick. People react to change strangely.

  40. Glenn Witmer says:

    When I worked for the airlines (before the internet) our slogan was the only constant is change….so your choices were either learn to adapt or get out.

    Nick nailed it

  41. I have talked to several of my friends through the years on how their dad would throw them into a pond and they had to figure out how to get out by some sort of arm and leg movement. I am one who actually took lessons and tried to learn the right way. I also had my children take lessons. I wanted them to be assured that they could survive well in water. Consequently my children and grandchildren are excellent swimmers. They love to wake board and water ski. …. I feel that the surfing process is one of learning. we can flounder and try things and give up and we can eventually get it but wouldn’t it be good if we let the guru’s teach us and learn from the best? I have learned a lot from Ken in the last 5 years. He has been a great teacher and I am glad I married him in 2009.

  42. Change is as good as a holiday

  43. John Brewer says:

    Thank you for that post Nick.

    It’s refreshing to see people like you who have “been there, done that” and is still doing it give a realistic view on things.

    Sometimes change is good, sometimes not, but not all change is bad. TimTech has forced folks in TE Land to “put up or shut up.”
    If you are in the game, then you can give your opinion. If you are not in the game, and simply want to criticize it, then you are more than welcome to continue doing things your way. Stop raining on everyone else’s parade.

    We should try to thoroughly examine the constellation of things before we are so quick to complain. When the complints are valid – then the “powers that be” should be humble enough to respond to it in a positive manner. TimTech has given an excellent example of this.

    Thanks again Nick for a wonderful thought provoking post.

  44. I am trying to earn points for my team today but I am having trouble due to a very unfair issue. I have collected all the mines for the sub card today except the blue one. It is at Shockwave-Traffic. I am a member already because they were in the daily challenge a few days ago, so I logged in and tried to surf. Problem is they say my trial membership has expired and I must upgrade to surf. What I have to upgrade at this site so I can get the blue mine? That is not fair. Upgrades should be a choice not a condition in order to complete mini cards or daily challenges. If Shockwave is a daily challenge in the future. I can either upgrade or not complete tiers to get points. I hope that CTP will not agree to help Shockwave force members to pay in order to get points for the CTP site.

    • Bob Sims says:

      yes Wendy, I agree with what you say.
      It has been their policy that you get a 3 day trail and then you must upgrade to continue as a member.
      It would be nice if Tim Tech (CTP) would not offer the site as a way of getting a key or a mine.

    • Evelyn Kramer says:

      Good place to bring up DisappointingTE experiences,

      Is CTP Powerful?
      Absolutely! I had over 150 new
      Subscribers to my TE in One Day!
      Unfortunately, it
      Turns out,
      Running a Promotion on
      My Birthday;
      Is NOT a Good Idea!
      My Family and Friends
      took me by Surprise and
      I was Not There to Stay
      On Top Of WealthbilderHits
      During My Daily Challenge
      with CTP
      I checked in briefly and
      Found Almost 20 Support
      Tickets. I answered most but had to
      Be pried away from my computer
      By my Husband who planned
      Another surprise Birthday party with

      An Online business is supposed to
      Bring you Freedom. Let you
      Enjoy your Life. Maybe so, but
      NOT if you are running a Promo
      On a Popular System with Competitive

      I am sorry. Sorry to those that were disappointed.

  45. Susan McCook says:

    I was hesitant about committing to a team too, but it has been great and am meeting more great people. Change is not the end of the world ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Anne Bergman says:

    Great post Nick

  47. Love it, good job Nick and thank you everyone at Tim Tech!

  48. Bob Sims says:

    Yes,Yes…… “Learn with Nick” !

  49. Patricia Dean says:

    Great post Nick & thanks to Patrick for sharing with us.

  50. I really like the CTP teams, and I did read the other post and commented there as well.

  51. Jon Olson says:

    One of the best posts I’ve read about what’s been going on in the past few months around the industry. Great stuff sir, very well done!

  52. Victoria Stein says:

    ‘Nick’,…you know how to ‘pick’ a good topic, and really ‘stick’ with it!

    This Team spirit has brought about more real and authentic communication,.. in smaller groups, more intimate,..and 1 on 1 as well.

    Due to this word change,…and it’s inevitability,..think I have become an even better swimmer, more endurance!

  53. Virginia Herron says:

    Change can be good or bad. Take Panda Express for example. The change from Mandarin Chicken started out with a negative reaction but after a while, the Teriyaki Chicken that replaced it was generally welcomed as a tastier and healthier choice so it was kept. The change from fried rice to brown fried rice led to such an uproar and hurt sales that classic fried rice was brought back.

    However, a company can’t know what works and what doesn’t without first trying it.

  54. More about sink or swim:
    If you are wearing a lead weight, you will sink. If you make choices in life that hold you back from the success you desire, that is a “lead weight.”
    There was a person last spring who was fishing in a canoe with his wading boots on. The boat turned over and his wading boots filled with water. There was a sad ending to that story. So if you plan to swim, make sure you are equipped and not weighted down with the happenings around you.

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