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Don’t Lose Your Premiership Status

Don’t Lose Your Premiership Status


Don’t lose your place in the Premier League.

The weekly points totals run from Monday to Sunday night (midnight Eastern time) when they are reset to zero.

Remember the bottom three teams in the Premier League will be automatically relegated to the Competitive League.

Oh the shame of it.

Your team got relegated because the top three teams from the Competitive League wanted the status more than you guys did.

So you lose your 10 per cent Nerd Surf bonus and you lose the super cool logo on your team’s profile page if you end up in the bottom three at the end of the week.

Work as a team right now to avoid the drop.


5 responses to “Don’t Lose Your Premiership Status”

  1. Great! The Bonz Brigade works very hard for dont loose the Premier League.
    Thanks Tim Tech. You are amazing

  2. Hilda Nymand says:

    Thanks for this great possibility I think the Empower World Team is doing a great job to reach this goal the PREMIER LEAGUE.
    We can do it we are going for the 10 per cent Nerd Surf Bonus.

  3. I don’t know if this is the appropriate place to ask this question, but here goes:

    What happened to all the point totals of the CSN-Team 1 members?????

    The reset isn’t until tonite (I’m writing this Sunday morning), but the team dropped 12 POSITIONS into the Competitive League, and most of the members’ totals reset to zero????

    What’s going on?

  4. Nuno says:

    The Empower World Team is the best and it can only be at Premier League.
    All members are doing great and we will get top 3 for sure!!!

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