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A Quick Look At Some Numbers You Don’t See Every Day (Even At CTP Teams)

A Quick Look At Some Numbers You Don’t See Every Day (Even At CTP Teams)


We are used to really big numbers at CTP Teams but right now things are going totally crazy and here are just some examples…

* Yesterday I reported how first placed SurfAholics Alpha had opened up a 20 billion points lead over Lucky 13…well that lead has now reached 35 billion points…and it is still climbing.

* Uber Surfers are the third team to smash the 10 billion points barrier this week.

* Seven teams have gained more than one billion points this week – Alphas, Lucky 13, Ubers, Kore4, CTP Renegades, Bonz Brigade and The Strays.

* A further two teams are very close to doing so – CSN and Surf Lovers.

* Two individual members have earned more than 10 billion points for their teams this week – Sabrina Traversa from SurfAholics Alpha and Pan Garan from Lucky 13.

* There are currently 32 people in the Top 100 Players list who have more than one billion points and one more is about to reach that milestone quite soon – that is that around one third of the list who have more than one billion points.

* It currently takes more than 100 million points just to make the Top 100 Players list.

* Because the Black Friday weekend bonuses will remain active next week then there are even more spectacular numbers than this likely to emerge in the next seven days. Don’t forget that Black Friday 2014 continues throughout today and tomorrow and that all deals include at least 10% points bonuses for every dollar spent. (The bonus doubles to 20% whenever a special double deal takes place.)

Great work everyone.


9 responses to “A Quick Look At Some Numbers You Don’t See Every Day (Even At CTP Teams)”

  1. Hard to believe, but people love competition so we roll on!

  2. This is A awesome xp week fun fun fun

  3. Karen Kuty says:

    Staggering amounts of XP!

  4. Sig says:

    Thats some numbers indeed…so B I G Numbers!!

    Lets “BLOW” it all up… lol 😀

    Success all

  5. Marye says:

    Number crunchers for sure….go go go

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