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An Art And A Science Says Lucky 13’s Tom

An Art And A Science Says Lucky 13’s Tom

I knew that Lucky 13 leader Tom Wacker had written a book about motorcycling…after all it was one of the questions in their recent team quiz.

However the Spreecasts for the Black Friday Weekend gave me an opportunity to hear Tom talk about his book.

It was great to hear the excitement in his voice as he spoke about how he put it together and got it online and the pleasure he gets from the payments he gets when it is sold.

The interesting point about the last sentence is not that it is the pleasure from the money which rolls in (Tom is not going to retire to a life of five-star luxury based on the royalty payments) but from the fact that people want to buy something you have written.

In just the same way that Justin and I will never make our fortunes from the Beyond The Quotes books we wrote together, there is, however, a great feeling when someone actually buys it and an even greater feeling when they say that it was useful or interesting to them.

This has a really important wider point for both our business lives and, indeed, our lives in general – we should be seeking ways to add benefit to our own lives by adding benefit to the lives of others.

I think understanding this is one of the things which separates the two main camps from the ‘making money online’ niche – those that want instant results and spend a lifetime trying (without success) to find them and those who are prepared to offer value and wait a while for the results to come in. I know which camp I would rather belong to.

But, for right now, if you want to feel the wind in your hair and take up motorcycle touring…well I know just the book you might want to check out first.

The Art & Science of Motorcycling Touring by Tom Wacker

9 responses to “An Art And A Science Says Lucky 13’s Tom”

  1. Cool cover. I didn’t know that Tom had written a book. Cool new things you learn through the CTP community.

  2. The book cover looks good anyway wtg Tom

  3. Marye says:

    Congrats to Tom — takes time and dedication to write 🙂

  4. very cool indeed, borne out of a great love

  5. Tom Wacker says:

    Thanks Patrick.

    It is exciting to sell something I have written, and to read the reviews from people that have actually read the book!

    Thanks for the great write up.

  6. Wendy Browning says:

    Well said.

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