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Lots Of Fun As Black Friday 2014 Swings Into Action

Lots Of Fun As Black Friday 2014 Swings Into Action

Thanks to Russell Stockley, we have seen the return of tinfoil hats as Black Friday 2014 swung into action from 6pm yesterday.

He took to Spreecast in what must have been the most elaborate tinfoil hat ever…it was more like a Viking helmet than a tinfoil hat and it was even branded with his Cup of Traffic TE logo for his Cuppa Time game show.

Russell Stockley wears tinfoil hat for Cuppa Time during Black Friday 2014 Spreecast event

Barb from AdKreator turned up in her giant Nerd Bird outfit, Justin wore a pointy dunce’s hat for an hour (something about losing a sports bet to Jon) and it even fit me which was a little worrying but I wore it for a while too.

Marcus and Ken did their CSN Hour and Marcus even entertained us with his juggling skills – I still remember his original shows from before when he teamed up with Ken and Rodney where he would fill the silences with a little juggling act.

Barb from AdKreator in giant nerd bird outfit while holding puffin on Black Friday 2014 TELive show

Matt Badura turned up, announced he had recently broken one of his ribs, and was clearly in pain whenever he moved or laughed too much. Normally I enjoy trying to make people laugh but thought it was a bit cruel to try and make Matt laugh too much until his pain killers kicked in.

We both like logic and math puzzles and thankfully so do a lot of the CTP community so we spent a few hours on random logic quizzes, brain teasers, number sequences and riddles.

Tom Wacker was the star of that particular segment as he repeatedly fired off the correct answers while the rest of us were still trying to work out what the question meant.

Matt turned it into a mini prize quiz which Tom won with 12 points, Russell Stockley came in second with eight points and Brian Cullen took third place with four points. They were all rewarded by Matt with StartXchange credits for their efforts.

Black Friday 2014 Spreecast Part Two trivia quiz

Black Friday 2014 has got off to a flying start and there is still much more awesomeness to come. Don’t forget to check out the current deals, which are updated every hour, right here.


9 responses to “Lots Of Fun As Black Friday 2014 Swings Into Action”

  1. Wow has Justin been transplanted into Patrick’s body? LOL

  2. Karen Kuty says:

    So, is it bad to have the same hat size as Justin because his head is big or not?

  3. Marye says:

    So Russell…are you getting outerspace transmissions yet?????

  4. will have to watch the replay of this I keep missing them

  5. Tin Foil Hats are in I tells ya,

  6. Tom Wacker says:

    Man, I think I need a wardrobe change:)

    I really am missing the late night silliness… I’ll tell you that Brian Cullen and I had a plan

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