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Black Friday 2014 – Not Even Sporodic Spreecast Can Dampen Our Fun

Black Friday 2014 – Not Even Sporodic Spreecast Can Dampen Our Fun

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The TimTech Black Friday 2014 five days of super awesome deals is well underway as we unleash bargain after bargain every hour on the hour.

The only casualty so far has been the 102 hour marathon Spreecast which came crashing to a halt after just eight hours. One moment we were all chatting away and just settling into the first shift when the stream died without warning.

Everyone who was on air at the time quickly Skyped: “It wasn’t me. I didn’t end it” but it was Spreecast itself that pulled the plug on proceedings. Apparently there is an eight hour limit on individual broadcasts which we wre not even aware of until it kicked in.

So as far as the live broadcasts are concerned we have changed things up a bit for the duration of this extended giveaway weekend. From now until Monday we will be doing four eight-hour Spreecasts from 4pm to midnight Eastern each day.

The deals continue every hour – with a new one each hour without fail and special Double Deals popping up on a regular basis – so keep checking in at http://www.timtech.us/blackfriday.php for the current offer.

Coming up next…a quick round up of the first Spreecast event.



4 responses to “Black Friday 2014 – Not Even Sporodic Spreecast Can Dampen Our Fun”

  1. Karen Kuty says:

    Sorry your marathon was cut short–it can be real fun, but at least this way, people get some sleep!

  2. 8 Hour limits doesnt Limit the limited edition cash deals that this limited weekends limited time frames deliver

  3. yes agree at least people get some sleep.

  4. Sig says:

    they maybe pulled the Plug, but they didnt ruin the Awesome BlackFriday deals and party!!


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