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So These Are The Places Hunters Hang Out

So These Are The Places Hunters Hang Out

New York subway map

While minding my own business in New York last week I came across a couple of haunts that Hunters seem to have claimed as their own.

They are both stations on the underground system – Hunters Point Avenue which is on the number 7 line in Queens and 68th Street Hunter College which is where they must go to school.

I wonder if there are any other CTP Teams-related places around. I will keep my eyes open but if you see any then be sure to let me know.

Hunters Point Avenue Hunter College

10 responses to “So These Are The Places Hunters Hang Out”

  1. wow a college devoted to the Hunters, do you have to jump through a brick column to get there

  2. Karen Kuty says:

    LOL! I’m sure you can find “Alpha” “Bravo” “13” and any other team name that you care to look for as well.

  3. Lynn M says:

    I just adore the tiled signage in the NYC subways, always have.

    I am pretty certain you’d find 13th Street or 13th Avenue there (or possibly both), yup.

  4. that’s cool ! we should claim copyrights :))

  5. Marye says:

    LOL…so that’s where they go HuntersU

  6. James Bain says:

    Hunters are everywhere, especially in the south.

  7. key-word “underground” LOL
    Great findings tho 🙂

  8. Jon says:

    If you are struggling to find Hunters at any time, just look in Patrick’s mind. They’ re there. Constantly 😉

  9. Wished i could hang on with the surfers.

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