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Tim Put Some Oil In The Machine And The CTP Teams Counter Is Back Online

Tim Put Some Oil In The Machine And The CTP Teams Counter Is Back Online

After a couple of days of sulking because we were asking it to add up really large numbers, the CTP Teams counter is back up and running once again.

Tim spent a lot of time talking to it, going over its problems, reassuring it that it was a loved and respected part of the team and that without its constant input that CTP Teams just wouldn’t function. He even bought it chocolates and offered to take it to a movie.

So this means we see a massive jump in the numbers for the top two teams as their members kept on going as strong ever during the time the data was not being displayed.

CTP Teams Premier League top on Friday November 21

Just look at how many points the top two teams have between them…6.42 billion and 5.75 billion which is more than 12 billion weekly points.

Apart from the super high numbers the team order is almost exactly the same as last week. The top five teams are the same, the sixth and seventh placed teams have swapped places and the three teams which moved up from the Competitive League hold the last three spots (which means that, on current form, they will all drop down again.)

Just look at the teams from fourth placed The Strays to seventh placed Hunters – there is only a relatively narrow points margin separating them so we could expect some jostling of positions as the weekend rolls in.

TE Racing League, Surf Lovers and CSN are the top three teams in the Competitive League right now.

Now teams play nice and try not to break the counter again. Yes SurfAholics Alpha and Lucky 13 I am talking to you.

8 responses to “Tim Put Some Oil In The Machine And The CTP Teams Counter Is Back Online”

  1. Yay lets find the next breaking point 🙂

  2. Matt Badura says:

    I wonder if the next breaking point will be 8,589,934,590?

  3. Sig says:

    Some good Oil it is ..bet its High Q-NorthSea Oil too!

    Records are here to be breaked..so Keep push that Counter you Crazy a round the clicks… 😀

  4. Wendy Browning says:


  5. lol, I guess the rotor needed a good clean

  6. James Bain says:

    Way to go

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